Our guest editor of the fortnight, NET-A-PORTER’s Beauty Director Kathleen Baird-Murray shares her tips and tricks for prepping legs before you dare to bare

I've just returned from a shoot on a Caribbean island for Porter magazine. After several days of standing on the whitest of sands next to a model whose gazelle-like legs have graced the world's finest catwalks, I can see that in the leg department, on a personal level, there might be some call for a little extra work here.

True, models are the exception and it's pointless comparing oneself with them; however, thankfully, there's a host of tricks and tips that can improve things dramatically, starting with dry brushing  - three minutes before a shower, in upward strokes towards the heart, every day. It’s so easy and effortless and helps to shed winter's dull skin and gives your circulation a massive boost – excellent for reducing cellulite.

I'll trade up my usual body oil for a richer cream  or leg treatment , which I'll massage in (again boosting circulation) and if I can't book in time for a tan, I'll apply a little sunless tan  for a rich colour I can build up slowly. I use a circular motion and buff in the product with a mitt after exfoliating , starting from my hands and using lemon juice to remove any excess afterwards. If I’m feeling extra indulgent I’ll add something glowy over the top  for a more radiant finish.

Model legs overnight? I don't think so. Definitely a little better when the weather turns warmer and the opaque Wolfords are jettisoned for the summer months ahead.