Update your scent for the season with our pick of the bunch

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As the seasons transcend, so do we. Our mood heavily relies on the time of year – ever noticed how much happier everybody seems when the sun shines? The change in vibes has a big impact on our appearance, too. Smokey eyes become natural and wide-eyed, dark red lips turn to nude and rich hued nails are painted in pastels. Though one of the most significant changes is the fragrance you’re splashing on.

Freshly cut grass, blooming flowers, animals coming out of hibernation – the spring is a time of renewal, and what better way to enhance that feeling than with a spritely new scent? Here are our current favourites which are all sweet, peppery or spicy - perfect for the changing of the seasons:

Annick Goutal Petite Cherie Eau De Toilette , £84

Encased in their infamous ribbed bottle, complete with tassel and bow, this fragrance is a combination of sweet and juicy pear and freshly cut grass before transforming into a sensual rose scent. Close your eyes and all you’ll see is a picturesque meadow.

Stella Tocca Eau De Parfum , £58

This flirtatious scent is a beautiful blend of all things spring; from Bitter Orange and Watery Accord to Wild Diamond Orchids and Spicy Lily, one sniff of this will make you feel fresh instantly.

Diptyque Eau Moheli Eau De Toilette , £65

Originating from the Philippines, the exotic ylang-ylang flower is captured in a whole new light, and scent. Enhanced by spices such as pink peppercorn and woody ingredients including benzoin and tonka bean, this fragrance transports you through their journey from the Indian Ocean.

Atelier Cologne Cedrat Enivrant Cologne Absolue , £105

A special blend of ingredients from around the world, this Cologne Absolue celebrates the beauty of citruses. The aroma is a mixture of precious raw materials in perfumery, with properties from Mexico, China, Brazil, Haiti, Philippines, Calabria, Egypt and Macedonia.

Le Labo Bergamote 22 Eau De Parfum , £150

Its bottle may not be the typically pretty packaging of a spring scent, but that’s because it’s unlike most. Dubbed the “Fire Cologne” when it was first created, this unisex fragrance exudes spiciness from nutmeg, complimenting grapefruit and bergamot.