Sarah Chapman's Bodylift massager could just make bikini season less terrifying

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What if you could mimic the benefits of one of the best facials in London, all over problem areas of your body? Create that healthy glow that appears after an expert has massaged, treated and boosted your skin, from head to toe?

Well, wonder no more because genius facialist Sarah Chapman  has created just the gadget to swap dull skin for bikini-ready radiance. As a follow-up to her Facialift tool, Sarah has launched The Bodylift - an interesting-looking contraption which promises to massage your lymphatic system back to life.

With 12 rolling heads and 72 massaging nodules, there's no need to head to spa for a super strength massage - simply roll it over the upper arms, buttocks, thighs and calves to stimulate circulation, ease tension and help to reduce puffiness for better, brighter skin.

It's not as relaxing as it sounds, mind; on the massage scale it's definitely one of those more uncomfortable experiences but it kneads muscles so deeply that it's the kind of pain that feels good. Be warned: it's quite addictive once you start rolling.

The Sarah Chapman Bodylift is £28 and  available from Space NK