Inspired by gardenias, this white floral scent is warm and fresh all at once

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Described as 'an elegant, couture scent', it's no wonder that the beautiful Chantecaille Pétales Eau De Parfum is a new favourite in the Gloss office. A perfect match for hazy summer days, the heady aroma has a botanical edge that gives it an authentic, garden-like freshness while still having a warm, musky presence. One thing's for sure: this is a perfume for grown ups. Chic grown ups, that is; it smells as deliciously spendy as it looks.

The white floral fragrance is inspired by Sylvie Chantecaille's love of gardenias, and includes notes of balsam, jasmine, tuberose, cedar and sandalwood - a rich concoction which it delicately flower-powered yet distinguished and almost spicy when wafted under a keen nose. 

Packaged in a stunning glass bottle with a petal-inspired design, the perfume is the epitome of class; in Chantecaille's words, a 'fragrance that will never be forgotten'.

Chantecaille Pétales Eau De Parfum is £150 for 75ml and  available at here.