The Gloss Report: 5 nail treatments reviewed

20 May 2015
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The Gloss Report: 5 nail treatments reviewed

Whether your nails are weak, prone to flaking or just won’t grow there’s a nail product out there promising to help. The question is: do these supposedly magic potions live up to their bold claims? We put a number of different nail treatments through their paces- click through to see which one comes up trumps.

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Elegant Touch Nail Apothecary 24K Gold Ridge Filler

Price: £8.95

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Feedback: “The Nail Apothecary range aims to treat common nail issues, and this targeted ridge filler is quite the multi-tasker- it aims to smooth lumps and bumps on the nail surface while also acting as a strengthening base coat. The spangly finish is also low key and pretty when worn alone. I was slightly put off by the ‘yellow’ appearance of the treatment, but it makes nails look glossy and well conditioned when applied, and it does indeed ‘even out’ the nail bed as promised. Chipped nails make for chipped polish, so a solid, smooth base definitely helped my favourite red last longer (almost five days, rather than the usual two). Whether it made a difference from a deeper, non-cosmetic point of view I’m not sure yet, but the addition of nourishing omega 3 and keratin amino acids is certainly reassuring. The fact that it makes nails look healthy upon first application is a huge bonus and would make me use this treatment more often, which can only amp up the long term effects. I’ll keep you posted on the ridge situation!”

Reviewer: AH

Score: 9/10

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Deborah Lippmann The Wait Is Over Quick-Dry Drops

Price: £18

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Feedback: “I love a painted nail but unfortunately I’m rarely able to do an at-home mani without a smudge, smear or bump cropping up - which is why these Quick Dry Drops from Deborah Lippmann are my new favourite find. Formulated with a special conditioning agent that forms a protective barrier on the nail, these drops work to speed up the drying process leaving you with flawless fingertips.

But does it really work? To find out I opted for a few coats of my gloopiest polish before applying a squeeze of dry drops to each nail. Sure enough, a minute later a varnish that usually needs what sometimes feel like a good half hour to firm up was left smooth, spotless and ready to touch. It does however come with a fairly steep price tag - but the time it’s shaved off my manicure regime along with the longevity my manis now have makes it a totally priceless purchase.

Reviewer: KR

Score: 8/10

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Sally Hansen Nail Rehab

Price: £9.95

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Feedback: "My nails are soft, flaky and seem to bend at the slightest touch and I am therefore always on the hunt for something to strengthen them. I applied two layers of the Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and did definitely notice some visible improvement. My nails overall look healthier and feel a little stronger however some are still quite flaky and break. I reckon this product would work best in a power duo and combined with either a hand cream or cuticle oil."

Reviewer: FD

Score: 6/10

5 / 6

Ciate London Nail Superhero

Price: £12

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Feedback: “Snap, crack and bend are just a few of the ways I manage to lose my nails. While they don't take very long to grow, I'm always conscious about breaking them, thanks to their weak and fragile state (and a rather painful incident with a bowling ball).

Thankfully, Ciate have released a nail treatment range aimed at fixing our nail dilemmas. Sold in cute illustrated packaging, each product solves a different problem, ranging from cuticle oil pens and speedy top coats to correction pens and nail toners. Each item is packed with caviar, garlic, vitamin E, collagen, bamboo extract, lotus flower, chaulmoogra oil and marula oil to target the underlying problems that cause dry and brittle nails.

I went for the Nail Super Hero and I'm pleased to report that my nails have been going strong ever since the first application. Simply apply two coats twice a week as a base coat and you'll see your nails become stronger and nourished in no time. I also feel a lot more confident to pick up a bowling ball now.

Reviewer: HI

Score: 9/10

6 / 6

Essie Help Me Grow Base Coat

Price: £8.99

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Feedback: “I love Essie products and anything that claims to make my short and weak nails grow I am very keen to try. Essie's Help me Grow is applied as a base coat and includes a winning cocktail of argan oil and micro-nutrient rich algae extract to help protect nails from damage and breakage. After application my nails felt conditioned and smooth - a perfect base for a professional looking mani. Has it made my nails grow? Not yet but they definitely already feel stronger so watch this space!”

Reviewer: SM

Score: 7/10