This week we're testing out if the GTG team scrub up well with the best body scrubs on the market

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Nuxe Fondant Body Scrub

Price £16

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Feedback “My skin is incredibly dry yet also very sensitive so I tend to steer away from harsh body scrubs for fear of irritating it any further. However, this creamy, buttery scrub from Nuxe has to be an exception. With 95% natural ingredients and no parabens, the rich formula is actually quite soothing despite the grains which work to exfoliate the skin. After applying onto damp skin, rubbing in and washing away, my skin felt noticeably softer and looked far less dull. The scent wasn't too overpowering either - slightly sweet because of the orange and almond ingredients but refreshing too."

Reviewer JJ

Score 9/10

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub

Price £23

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Feedback “This scrub did a fantastic job of transforming my skin from dull and rough to silky smooth. The fresh and zesty fragrance was invigorating without being overpowering and it was gentle enough to use all over my body (with the exception of my face) but tough enough to give my skin a satisfyingly thorough exfoliation too.

“I particularly liked the fine grain texture and how it lathered ever so slightly, making my skin feel a lot more supple than it has done in a long time. I will definitely be using it again.”

Reviewer AM

Score 9/10

Cowshed Slender Cow Detoxifying Body Scrub

Price £34

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Feedback “This scrub takes no prisoners when it comes to getting sluggish skin ship-shape. It looks good enough to eat (carrot and coriander soup came to mind), and the salt grains and aromatic fragrance are genuinely invigorating. On application you may resemble a member of The Simpsons cast, as it is very yellow in colour, but I found this to be a rather fun and enlivening addition to my exfoliation experience. Brimming with active ingredients and essential oils, this scrub really does feel like it’s administering a thorough dermal detox, and once out of the shower my skin was gleaming and so soft that I was tempted to skip the body lotion. I’m not sure I was any more slender after use, but I certainly had a spring in my step.”

Reviewer AH

Score 9/10

Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish

Price £32

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Feedback “I have experienced scrub heaven in the form of the Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Body Polish which is a sensorial delight of the highest degree. With a fine sand-like texture it says on the packaging that you can try it dry or wet - I tried it on dry skin first but found it difficult to move around the skin (plus lots of it kept falling on the shower floor which I thought was a right waste).

“However I then added a bit of water et voila! The cult scent of Ren’s Rose Otto flowers filled the shower and the scrub was perfectly abrasive - rough enough to know that it’s making a real difference but not too much so that it felt like sandpaper against your skin. As I washed the grains away my skin felt unbelievably, almost ridiculously soft, and once dry, moisturised too. Heaven indeed.”

Reviewer ST

Score 10/10

Guerlain Terracotta Sun Scrub for Face and Body

Price £36

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Feedback "I love how this product is designed as a pre tan scrub. It promises to prep your skin for tanning whilst nourishing it and giving it a healthy looking glow. This oil-based scrub has a lovely, shimmery gold finish. As it is applied to wet skin it transforms into a luxurious body milk, creating a hydrating lather. The scrub has fine granules so it is not too harsh and doesn’t feel like you are removing a layer of your skin like some can, but it is coarse enough to feel as though you are buffing away the dead skin that you don't need. My skin was left feeling smooth, fresh and glowy. It also looked surprisingly hydrated which was a huge plus as I tend to find more abrasive scrubs can cause further dryness. Even better, the smell is gorgeous and that alone would make me buy it again - it's my summer must-have!"

Reviewer SM

Score 10/10