Despite the rain, we're dreaming of blue skies, sunshine and the perfect summer scent...

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Freshly cut grass, sweet floral blossom, an icy cold mojito - these are some of the many scents that immediately conjure up the sweet smell of summer. Although, we’ve been having a little trouble getting into the summer spirit lately due to the tedious onslaught of British weather.

However, not wanting to let a little rain hold us back, we’ve been spritzing our way through a selection of summer scents in the hope that they’ll help us lighten up and brighten up. It may be dull outside, but in GTG HQ it smells divine.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight

Price £52

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Feedback “Like most girls, I love a good perfume, but can’t stand the ones that smell like cheap air freshners or industrial cleaners. Luckily for me, Daisy by Marc Jacobs falls far from that dreaded category of scents.The bottle is (as you would expect from Marc Jacobs) gorgeous and girly, and is generously decorated with the signature MJ rubber daisies around the lid. It has top notes of blood orange, pink pepper and white tea and base notes of apricot and amber, and smells quite fruity and sweet. The scent is enticing but still quite light, meaning it doesn’t overpower or choke you when you wear it. It lasts well throughout the day and keeps you feeling fresh in the office when it’s hot outside. A gorgeous scent for summer, Eau So Fresh is the perfect fragrance for SS14.”

Reviewer EJ

Score 10/10

DKNY Be Delicious City Blossom Rooftop Peony EDT

Price £36.50

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Feedback "I love my fragrances to be just the right side of sweet - too much and it becomes far too sickly rather than simply feminine. This very pink DKNY scent is definitely on the ladylike side, with a pink box and signature rounded bottle in the same girly hue - if I'm allowed to judge a book by its cover, I'd say at first look it was always going to be a promising rival to my usual Vera Wang Princess (though if you like your fragrances deep and musky, this is not for you). With notes of mandarin, bergamot, rose, peony and raspberry, it's a deliciously floral affair. Light and fruity, at first the juicier aromas hit with their freshness but then there's a softer, lingering scent of petals which stays with you for hours. It's not too sharp, definitely not too sweet and manages to be girly yet grown up. I can't fault it."

Reviewer JJ

Score 10/10

Sisley Eau Tropicale Eau de Toilette

Price £63.50 - £104

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Feedback “It takes a lot for me to try a new fragrance. What can I say? I’ve long been stuck in my Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere ways. But when I found Sisley’s new Eau Tropicale, I knew I had to step outside my fragrance bubble. It’s the perfect fresh and feminine scent for summer - light, and airy, with hints of violet, rose and ginger - a combination that keeps the perfume feeling refreshing and zesty, without being too aggressive.

"While I loved the fragrance in the bottle, I was hesitant to switch up my signature scent. The first night I wore it out, I kept asking my best friend for reassurance that I should’ve indeed made the swap. (In case you were wondering, he admitted that while he did like it, he also couldn’t really tell the difference between this one and the old one - men, what can you do?) I will, of course, keep my Chanel in my beauty cupboard for the cooler weather, but I’m happy to report that I’ve now found my new sunny day fragrance.”

Reviewer KA

Score 9/10

Dolce By Dolce & Gabbana

Price £72.50

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Feedback “Before getting a chance to smell the perfume, the packaging itself is really rather stunning and in fact reflective of key trends and traditions for D&G. The bottle is adorned with a black ribbon that is elegantly tied to represent the signature white shirts and bow ties from early Dolce & Gabbana catwalk shows, whilst the beautiful floral stopper pays tribute to ancient Sicilian customs. The final, and most personal, touch is the black script which is a replica of Domenico Dolce’s father’s own signature.

“If that wasn’t enough the perfume even comes with its own vanity case and mirror stand so that it sits proudly and quite spectacularly on my shelf - the only problem is that this bottle comes with such grandeur and majesty that I can’t help but feel like the fragrance is wearing me rather than the other way around.

“Ego aside, I absolutely adore this perfume. It’s everything you want from a summer fragrance - light, slightly fruity and citrusy but with just the right edge of musk that helps give it a more ‘grown-up’ and seductive side. It combines top notes of neroli leaves and papaya flower with essence of white daffodil, cashmeran and white amaryllis - a South African flower used for the first time ever in a scent. It’s a perfect antidote to all the sickly-sweet celeb fragrances that currently line the shelves (we’re looking at you Nicki Minaj). This fragrance is truly a breath of fresh summer air.”

Reviewer KR

Score 9/10

Burberry Brit Rhythm Eau de Toilette For Her

Price From £40

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Feedback “As far as fragrance cool factor goes, nothing quite surpasses smelling like one of the Burberry Brit ‘It’ girls. A gorgeous bottle with a beautifully embossed design and light pink colour, I had high hopes for it. Womanly and enveloping, the fragrance was mature and grown up with just the right mixture of contrasting notes to make it interesting. If you like perfumes such as Chanel No.5 or YSL Opium, this will be right up your street. The eternal problem with fragrance though, is that what works for one person, won’t necessarily work for the other and for me, this wasn’t the type of perfume that I would choose over my collection of florals and orientals.

"With the brand’s modern, fashion-forward reputation and roster of high-profile models on its Fashion Week runway, I must admit that I expected it to be a little edgier and perhaps, a little fresher too. Finding a perfume that’s perfect for you is as personal as it gets in beauty, so if this fits in with the type of heavier, sophisticated fragrances that you’re used to, this may just be your new summer scent of choice."

Reviewer AM

Score 7/10

Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum

Price £43

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Feedback “Born out of the iconic body oil, Huile Prodigieuse, there was a huge amount of hype surrounding the launch of this fragrance and whether it evokes the same warm summer vibes as its cult oilier predecessor. I am glad to say that it does. With top notes of orange blossom, bergamot and tangerine, base notes of rose, gardenia and magnolia, it is every light, fresh, airy summer note I love, and the heart of vanilla gives it its warmth. The result is the smell of warm summer skin every day of the year. Just don’t spray too much on - the beauty of the oil is in its subtlety and Le Parfum can be quite strong. A little goes a long way.

Reviewer ST

Score 10/10

See by Chloé’s Eau Fraîche

Price £47

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Feedback “See by Chloé’s Eau Fraîche is femininity captured in a bottle. Presented in a chic birdcage bottle, the subtle blush pink hue of the perfume shines through every angle of its multi-faceted glass, making it the prettiest addition to my fragrance collection.

“Created by Michel Almairac, the man behind Chloé Eau De Parfum and Roses de Chloé, this scent is an airy fragrance that was inspired by the blooming flowers of summertime. A refreshing knock to the senses, it has a top note of water hyacinth blended with apple blossom and jasmine, and finished with a vetiver and musk base note, creating an extremely pleasant aroma of fresh florals.

“This scent is perfect for the sunny season; crisp, sophisticated and extremely light, it’s uplifting and can be worn for a day in the park as easily as a fancy dinner on a warm summer’s evening. I’ve quickly embraced it as my smell of the season and will be spritzing it on every chance I get.”

Reviewer HI

Score 10/10

Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria

Price £35.50

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Feedback “Calvin Klein’s Endless Euphoria epitomises summer from the outside in. Both the box and bottle are a gorgeous light pink, mirroring the scent inside which is dominated mainly by delicate blossom flower notes with an injection of violet and rose and a bamboo base. The fragrance is radiant and very noticable, at the same time being incredibly light and refreshing, and surrounds you with a delicious floral hue without becoming overwhelming. It evokes gentle summer mornings strolling through the park with the warm breeze in your hair, and is the perfect partner for afternoons spent picnicing or lounging with friends on the sprawling greens of Hyde Park. The petal shaped bottle sums the fragrance up perfectly: soft, girly and deliciously light.”

Reviewer EJ

Score 9/10

Zen Sun Shiseido Zen Eau de Toilette Fraîche

Price £59

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Feedback "I have to admit I am dubious when it comes to summer fragrances, more often than not one too many spritzes will leave you smelling like a vase of pot pourri. However, this newly released limited edition summer scent by Shiseido is enchanting.

"Developed by perfumer Michel Alamirac, this harmonious aroma of mango, cherry blossom, musk, and amber is certainly one for those who like their sweetened scents. Infused with an array of fresh and fruity notes, this feminine bottle of sunshine is said to be inspired by the way light and shadow dance over exotic flowers in the midday sun. Bright and joyful, it's the perfect companion to accompany you during the holiday season - it undoubtedly has a place in my beach bag that’s for sure.”

Reviewer LW

Score 8/10

Balenciaga Rosabotanica

Price £53

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Feedback "My usual go-to fragrance is something feminine that’s light and floral. So I was instantly drawn to the beautiful and colorful floral design of this bottle. It’s a lot deeper than I thought, being more of a spicy  fragrance with notes of pepper, citrus, fig leaves and amber. At first spritz it is a mix of floral and citrus that becomes a lot richer as it lingers. The rose accord is the main note, which with the contrast of the citrus and pepper creates a truly unique scent. It’s one of those long-lasting fragrances that doesn’t fade as soon as you step outside. Super gorgeous and a definite modern, feminine and sexy scent for the summer."

Reviewer SM

Score 10/10