The presenters and foodies on getting 'hangry', doing makeup on the Tube and the spice that makes everything taste great

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They met at a jumble sale of all places, bonded over a love of good grub and from then on, cooked for each other whenever they could. And as if they weren't busy enough, TV presenter Laura Jackson 34, and Radio 1 DJ Alice Levine have made dinner parties cool again for the rest of us, with their sellout 'Jackson and Levine' supperclubs and cookbook Round To Ours: setting the mood and cooking the food: menus for every gathering ( £10).

They bring a sense of adventure and creativity to cooking for your mates. It's have-a-go event dining - we're talking a Forager’s Table menu: crudites and wild garlic dip, deep fried courgette flowers with ricotta, honey and mint, whole roasted mackerel and sorrel yoghurt, new potatoes and fennel pollen. Or the Mexican Brunch: micheladas, tostadas with smoked salmon and chipotle mayonnaise, black bean quesadillas, skillet eggs and chorizo. (If you think that's not something you can conjure up - you'll find these and 22 other meal plans in their book).

So what do these busy ladies like to snack on, what are their makeup must-haves for looking great on camera and what would they make us if we came round for lunch? They take our quickfire quiz.

In three words, I’m….

Laura: "Honest, Northern, fun."

Alice: "Ashamedly always late."

What I do before breakfast…

Laura: "I get up around 7am, I shower and then I make a cup of tea. I am normally rushing but if I have time I make porridge with almonds and berries (quite posh)."

Alice: "I am not someone who has a leisurely morning schedule. 45 minutes before I need to be somewhere, I run around like a bull in a china shop, makeup on the bus/tube (controversial, I know). At this point, I’ve either got toast in my mouth, which I grabbed as I ran out of the house or I will try and get something between meetings."

I’m surprisingly good at…

Laura: "Drinking lots of wine and not being hungover."

Alice: "Clearing the room when I sing."

The workout that works for me is …

Laura: "Reaching for the TV remote then reaching for the popcorn - repeat."

Alice: "Cycling to work - without fail I feel better for it. It’s 40 minutes when I can think without my phone in my face and it’s a beautiful way to see the city."

The product I tell everyone about…

Laura: "The Glossier Boy Brow  (£14) – obsessed."

Alice: "The podcast, My Favourite Murder , a true crime comedy."

I sleep…

Laura: "For eight hours, I need my beauty sleep. I always sleep in PJs and I love a good White Company bed sheet. Egyptian cotton? Yes please."

Alice: "Through every film. I don’t think I’ve ever not fallen asleep in front of the TV."

My secret to staying sane is….

Laura: "I am not sane."

Alice: "A big belly laugh every day if you can manage it!"

I got my big break by...

Laura: "Not being sane."

Alice: "Messing around doing student TV at Leeds University as a hobby, then got my first big job on MTV hosting my own show after graduating."

My best budget beauty buy is...

Laura: " Nivea Soft  moisturiser, £4.29 - cheap and effective."

Alice: " Rimmel London Wonderwing black liquid eyeliner , £4.99 - perfect matte black, opaque 60s flicks."

My biggest health and beauty spend is…

Laura: "A massage, I love some deep tissue elbow action."

Alice: " Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask  (60ml, £89.10)  but it does last forever and makes you look fresh and rested when you know you are the opposite."

The toughest thing I’ve ever had to cope with...

Laura: "Getting an avocado home and knowing it will never ripen - worst feeling ever."

Alice: "Laura Jackson talking about cutting her hair/not cutting her hair. I’ve had to ban her from the topic."

If I gave myself a performance review I’d say…

Laura: "10 for effort, talks too much, terrible grammar."

Alice: "Fun to work with, except before meal times - food mood may hinder progress in the company."

My favourite healthy snack

Laura: "I always have food in my handbag, like a mobile supermarket. I always carry a little bag of almonds, I'm like a squirrel always munching on them. I hate to be hungry it puts me in a bad mood: 'hangry' I think they call it - yeah I get that."

Alice: "I put a lime and chipotle mix on some almonds and they are great to have stashed in your bag for when you’re on the go."

The new find I’m excited about….

Laura: "Arket, the new store by H&M that’s opened, great homeware and glassware, Glossier being shipped to the UK and cherry molasses."

Alice: " Belazu Rose Harissa  (170g, £11.43) a spice that makes everything taste excellent."

Money is…

Laura: "The weirdest thing ever, printed paper that makes people crazy."

Alice: "Not everything but having it can make life easier."

If I could be anywhere on earth right now…

Laura: "So many places - I love to travel and am constantly thinking of where I want to visit next. The place I dream about the most though is Tofino on Vancouver Island, Canada. I would sit on the beach and watch the whales before going for Mexican food at Tacofino - get me there pronto!"

Alice: "Back in bed - it was an early start this morning and I’m writing this on the Tube in someone’s armpit."

If you came by for lunch I'd make…

Laura: "Right now with this weather, I would make you a dahl with toasted garlic and coriander with a flatbread. You’re welcome."

Alice: "I’d make us got to Rochelle Canteen  in Shoreditch, it’s so great, the space, the food, it’s a real oasis. I would be happy to cook but it’s something I spend most of my time doing, so it’s nice to go out too."

I always say no to…

Laura: "Cold callers, how do they get your number? No I don't need PPI!"

Alice: "Nights out. I’m such a Nana!"

I always say yes to…

Laura: "Seeing friends, going for dinner and going to parties. Life is too short not to be bothered to do things - get out there and have some fun."

Alice: "Salt. Everything tastes better with salt. Butter, caramel, chocolate...."

Laura is currently on ITV2’s Take Me Out: The Gossip and Alice’s Radio 1 show is Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4pm. Jackson and Levine want people to say yes to snacking with California Almonds. For more information and recipes, head to