Miller Harris has released a trio of scents, The Symphony of Colours, to ensure our summer is full of zest

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In a beautiful collaboration with Paris-based water colour artist Cyril Destrade, Miller Harris has released three citrus-based fragrances in limited edition collectable bottles. A trio of scents which evoke memories of hazy summer days, The Symphony of Colours includes Citron Citron, Tangerine Vert and Le Petit Grain eau de parfums. 

Fresh, fruity and delicately floral, the three scents are elegantly decorated with vibrant watercolours to represent the cocktail of summery notes within. First up is Citron Citron; bright and full of zing, Sicilian lemon, Spanish orange and Jamaican lime top notes combine with a heart of mint leaf and basil and a heady base of green moss, Moroccan cedar and cardamom. 

Tangerine Vert, meanwhile, is sweet and tangy with a botanical twist; citrus fruits combine with geranium, orange flower and marjoram with a sweet musk and cedar wood base for a lingering scent that's sharp yet gentle all at once. Finally, Le Petit Grain incorporates every part from flower to leaves of the orange tree, complete with Tunisian neroli, bergamot, lemon and rosemary for a strong yet sophisticated freshness that's a slight tweak on the classic. 

With three stunning designs and a selection of mature, fruit-filled fragrances to choose from, Miller Harris has summer covered - and the cheerful aromas are bound to brighten up the darker seasons too (not to mention our dressing tables). Happiness, bottled. 

Miller Harris Symphony of Colours Collection, each 50ml and priced at £65, available from  Feel Unique .