Roses aren’t just romantic; in this case they can also help to fund vital research into breast cancer…

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A bunch of red roses may well have strong connotations with Valentine’s Day (or perhaps grovelling partners throughout the rest of year), but this October Jo Malone is aligning roses with support rather than seduction by donating £20 of every purchase of Red Roses Cologne , £85 (100 ml), to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® . If you need a fragrance update, are searching for a signature scent or are ahead of the curve on the Christmas shopping front, giving while getting is rarely as generous as this month’s Red Roses offering, so it makes sense to indulge before November in this case if perfume is on your radar.

If you’re wondering exactly what you’re in for, Red Roses Cologne showcases typical Malone attention to detail: think notes of seven varieties of rose rather than just the one (from the fruity to the spicy), a sparkly top note of lemon to balance out the richness of the rose and a sweet, honeycomb base note to create depth. It’s elegant, sophisticated and as feminine as fragrances come, which makes it the perfect candidate to raise money for women around the world touched by breast cancer, and their families. If you’ve ever thought about going down the floral route, it’s not all about spring; there’s no better time to dabble in roses than the present.

Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne , £85