Give yourself a once over with this energy boosting body scrub - the benefits go above and beyond smooth skin

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A good exfoliation session can bring out the best in all of us - gleaming, baby soft skin is always a great way to start the day. This satisfyingly gritty scrub does more than just slough off scaly skin however; it restores and revives your senses on even the earliest of mornings.

The blend of invigorating essential oils revs up your immune system while the mineral-rich formulation aims to detoxify the body and stimulate the circulation (there’s no doubt that the Himalayan salt crystals also have this effect). Applied to damp skin, this scrub not only smells incredible (that’ll be the juniper, lemongrass and lavender essential oils) but it also wakes up joints and muscles, perfect pre and post-exercise and anytime you need to be at the top of your game. As if this weren’t virtuous enough, this stimulating scrub is organic and full of naturally active goodies. There’s no purer way to scrub off your sins, and if it’s good enough for A-list trainers , it’s good enough for us.

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