Shiny T-zone? Meet the best moisturiser for your skin type in the shape of Bioderma's new Sébium Mat

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Summer’s here , so that can only mean one thing for our skincare regimes – finding new and inventive ways to keep shine at bay. Best to start with the basics, and our anti-shine artilleries couldn’t be given a better helping hand than the Sébium Mat face cream from Bioderma.

Created with combination and oily skin types in mind, the newest addition to our morning beauty rituals has found the perfect balance between keeping skin matte but moisturised at the same time. Lightweight and easily absorbed, it regulates sebum levels thanks to agents vitamin B6 and zinc gluconate and is non-comedogenic too, meaning it’s been tested not to clog pores.

With a clever list of ingredients that improve skin texture over time, it’s even suitable for  acne prone skin types too . It leaves skin supple, soft and most importantly, shine-free in the most healthy-looking of ways.

Bioderma Sébium Mat Moisturising Mattifying Fluid is £11.50 and available from .