Kneipp Arnica Joint & Muscle Mineral Bath Salts hit stress and soreness for six

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Akin in more ways than one to adding a Berocca to your bath, these bright orange bath salts will not only turn your tub tangerine, they will also revive tired limbs and aching muscles. They smell reassuringly medicinal, and the arnica extracts and rosemary and pine essential oils will not only relieve tension but also help you to breathe easy.

The salts dissolve in a flash, leaving no gritty residue behind, and my skin felt soft and refreshed post-bathtime. The high content of natural ingredients within the salts offers both peace of mind and active efficacy direct from mother nature, and to top it off they’re a bargain, meaning that your legs will be lighter but your wallet won’t. Also, I found that I nodded off almost immediately after I’d put my pyjamas on. Insomniacs, take note.

Kneipp Arnica Joint & Muscle Mineral Bath Salts, £7.95,