From the eye shadow that suits all skin tones to the most genius holdall bag that fits the kitchen sink and can be stored under the seat on a plane. These are the products that have reached stratospheric levels of coolness on TikTok, which means you need to buy them now!

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We’ve said it before and no doubt we’ll say it many times again, but TikTok is a minefield of information. Yes, there will be many hours of your life that you’ll never get back thanks to watching #crazycatlady (which is racking up a casual 500 million views so far) or looking at videos of the TikTok trend of fruit used as makeup, but in amongst the mindless is some genuinely mind-blowing information. And when a product goes viral on TikTok then it’s because it really is good. That’s why we’ve scrolled through hundreds, nay thousands, of videos to find the products touted as the next best thing. And an extra bonus: they are all brilliant gift-spo, so if you’re in need of a few final pressies then here’s what TikTok is saying you should buy.

The suits-everyone eyeshadow

@sophie_murraayy Thank you @anifetoupeva for reminding me this existed!! OBSESSED 🪩✨ Urban Decay Moondust shade Space Cowboy 🫶🏼 #urbandecaymoondust #partyseason ♬ original sound - ㅤ

Whilst the Urban Decay 24/7 Moondust Eyeshadow Mono, £18 isn’t new, this shimmering rose gold shadow has been having a serious moment on TikTok over the last few months. It’s proving to be the most universally flattering shade for all skin tones and eye colours and gives just the right amount of sparkle and shine. Plus, unlike a complicated smokey eye look or how daunting even the best eyeshadow palette can be with this, you literally just get some on your brush or finger and dab it on just like TikTokker @sophie_murraayy. Done! A great stocking filler or a little festive treat for yourself.

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The under-seat airline bag that fits everything in

@petite.blondine First time flying with just an underseat bag as a *notorious* overpacker ✈️🧳#amazonfinds #ryanair #underseatbag #ryanairbag #packing #packwithme ♬ Oh, Pretty Woman - Pomplamoose

If you have any long weekend breaks planned for 2023 and you begrudge having to pay extra to put a bag in the overhead compartment, you need to put the Flymax Ryan Air Flight Bag, £19.99 , on your Christmas list. Immediately. It’s nothing affiliated to the airline in any way, but very much fits under their, and all other airline, seats. TikTokker @petite.blondine showed a video of how much she could fit in it for a four-day trip and it was like watching Mary Poppins and her carpet bag, just in reverse. Plus it’s a bargain price too.

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The fragrance that smells like missing loved ones

@haleypham missing person by @Phlur review 😳 #perfumetiktok ♬ original sound - Haley Pham

You may have read about Phlur Missing Person EDP, £96 in our round-up of best perfumes autumn 2022 but it’s been a huge hit on TikTok since its launch in the US last year and then when it came to the UK late in the summer. Everyone has been falling over themselves to get their hands on it because this perfume does more than smell nice - which does exceedingly well, by the way. This is a perfume that is trying to connect with your emotions as it is meant to evoke the memory of someone you love that you haven’t seen for a long time as TikTokker @hayleypham describes. GTG Beauty Director, SJ is one of the other many Missing Person devotees. “This is almost a non-fragrance. That’s not to say it doesn’t smell of anything, it does and it’s beautiful, but it’s very sensual and skin-like. I’m not sure what makes it so comforting but it does feel like someone you love wrapping their arms around you. It is a very special scent and worthy to be under the tree for either yourself or someone you love.”

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The water bottle that makes you smell taste

@gaymanwithaspraytan #KimKardashian approved @airup water bottle! Drink like the #Kardashians at the link in bio! #airuppartner Use Code COLT10 for 10% off. #greenscreen ♬ original sound - Gay Man with a Spray Tan

When Kim Kardashian was spotted drinking from an Air Up Hot Pink Bottle, £34.95 (including 3 pods) of course, it would go viral on TikTok. But as @gaymanwithaspraytan explains, this is a water bottle with a unique difference. The Air Up works with scented pods that you connect around the drinking nozzle so that as you drink your plain water, you smell the scent of the pod and it makes you think you’re drinking flavoured water. Clever, no? You get all the excitement of drinking flavoured water without any artificial sugar and flavourings. A great present for the water fanatic in your life or for the person who needs to up their H2O levels in 2023.

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The 51-year-old lipstick Gen-Zs have gone crazy for

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, £21 is by no means a new product. In fact, this year it celebrated its 51st birthday! In truth, Black Honey had been plodding along quite nicely with no huge fanfare surrounding it and then some TikTokkers (like @meredithduxbury) tried it out, discovered its amazing qualities and boom! The reason everyone is loving it now is for the same reasons everyone has been loving it for over five decades. It has a unique sheer consistency that isn’t quite punchy enough to be classed as lipstick but does more than a tinted balm or a gloss. The shade is so-called because it looks like glossy black honey but when applied it comes out as a gorgeous sheer berry tint that you can easily layer up to be more intense if you want.

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The under-desk walking treadmill

Looking to up your daily steps in 2023 or hate how sedentary you are on your WFH days? It’s a combination of both of those reasons that under-desk walking machines like the Dskeuzeew Under Desk Treadmill, £199.99 have gone viral on TikTok and became one of the hottest autumn fitness trends and workout routines. They are super slim and compact, unlike regular running machines, so they can fit into even the smallest of spaces and very quiet so you can even keep walking during your daily video calls, as @hauskris demonstrates.

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The wonder waterproofing hair serum

@chrisappletonhair Finally water proof frizz free hair 🤟🏽 #dreamcoat ♬ original sound - Chrisappleton1

If you suffer with frizz or your hair expands in even the tiniest notion of humidity then Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, £27 is what you need. Stylist to the stars, Chris Appleton (@chrisappletonhair) took to TikTok to demonstrate just how amazing it is by dropping beads of water onto hair coated in the product causing our jaws to drop as we watched the water just slide off. Of course, since then everyone has gone crazy for it and it continually sells out so if you find a bottle buy it for whoever you think needs it.

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