One of the easiest ways to get fabulous nails in minutes without having to wait for polish to dry is by applying stick on nails. They are readily available on the high street, cheap and incredibly easy to use. Nails full of sparkle are great for parties, but sleeker and more sophisticated options are also available.

How to apply

Marian  recommends using pre-glued stick on nails, as using a seperate pot of glue can lead to complications. To apply, simply peel off the sticky back, press each piece onto the corresponding size of nail and you're all done.

Experiment with embellishment

Another great range of products are embellishments which stick themselves to the nail with a pre-applied coat of varnish. To apply, simply add a layer of colour before using a thin piece of blue tack to pick up the embellishment, then place it wherever you want it on the nail and add a clear top coat to ensure a look that lasts.


Nails by Marian Newman

Filming by

Model: Charli Howard at Union Models

Makeup by Camila Fez

Director: Susannah Taylor

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