Before she became a top stylist and contributing fashion editor for British Vogue, Bay Garnett began her career finding inspiration in the thrift shops of New York. Being “very passionate about [old clothes]” led to a lucky career break, with Bay styling Kate Moss for Vogue in her thrifted finds.

Bay still loves charity shops today. She describes her own style as “very down to earth”, but the delight is always in the detail and every piece has to have “something special about it that I love.”

Today, Bay finds her style inspiration by scrolling through Instagram, but she still draws inspiration from old books, magazines and movies. “Before social media that was where I always had I ideas,” she explains, “I think it is easy to be bit lazy [nowadays].”

Her fashion-savvy parents instilled a sense of style in Bay early on. “I suppose I grew up thinking that the way things looked was important,” she explains. Bay’s mother edited the Vogue Book of Fashion photography, and she describes her parents style as “stylish in a very unpretentious way.”

Along with a head for fashion, Bay also inherited her brilliant complexion. She doesn’t chalk it all up to good genes, however.  “I do try and look after my skin,” says Bay, “I never go outside without putting moisturiser on, if nothing else.” Her favourite product for ultimate skin nourishment is   ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream , £80. Enriched with a special type of algae from the Mediterranean sea, this luxurious moisturiser keeps skin hydrated and fine lines at bay.

When she has the time to really treat herself, Bay loves to soak in a bath with  ELEMIS Skin Nourishing Milk Bath , £42 for “a moment of time out.” Even if just for 10 minutes, it’s a chance to decompress and regather herself. For an extra luxurious experience, Bay likes to light a few candles. Recreate this ritual at home with an  ELEMIS Spa Light Candle , £25.

Created in collaboration with ELEMIS.