Aimee Connolly shares her ultra-fast tutorial for subtly defined eyes and healthy, glowing skin

If you're a fan of natural-looking, healthy glowing skin, you need to get acquainted with Irish makeup brand Sculpted by Aimee.

Founded by professional makeup artist Aimee Connolly, the brand, which comprises dewy bases, velvety setting powder and foolproof eyeshadow, aims to make makeup easier, giving us the tools and confidence to create a healthy glowing look.

We challenged Aimee to take our seven-minute makeup challenge and were treated to some expert makeup secrets along the way.

Aimee starts with Beauty Base Pearl , £23, which doubles up as SPF and primer – Sculpted by Aimee is all about multi-tasking products that help you finish your makeup quicker, so we have a feeling Aimee will ace this challenge.

She follows with the Brighten up Concealer , £15, to brighten the under-eye area, patting it in with her finger. "You'll notice I'm bringing my concealer down to the tip of my cheekbone," Aimee says. "When I apply my base I'm going to bring it up to meet my concealer rather than put it on top to stop that layer of skin from getting too heavy and creasing up."

Aimee follows with her radiance-boosting Tint and Glow Enhancer , £23, which gives a tinted moisturiser  coverage with luminosity through it. She touches on her secret tip again, saying: "You'll notice I'm bringing it up to meet my under eye concealer but still not going on top of it," Aimee reiterates. "This evens out the skin, lifts and radiates and makes you look more awake and fresh."

Aimee adds her Complete Cover Up Conceale r, £15, to areas she wants move coverage. "I love to wear a light base and increase my coverage with concealer," she says. Aimee sets her makeup with her ultra-fine setting powder Loose Setting Velvet Veil Powder , £23, to keep oil at bay.

She adds the Sculpted by Aimee Cream Luxe Bronze , £16, onto her cheeks and explains she applies cream bronzer higher on her face than she would powder bronzer to lift her complexion. The Cream Luxe Highlight,  £16, comes next, tapped it onto the high points giving glow.

Sticking with cream, blush is next. Aimee dabs the Cream Luxe Blush , £16, onto the apples of her cheeks before moving onto to her eyes, applying bronze eyeshadow from her Full Face Edit palette , £32, into the crease of her lids, blending it all over before taking gold highlighter from the same palette into the centre of her eyes to give them a little lift.

She takes the matte brown eyeshadow into her lash line, creating an extension in the corner of her eye for a cat-eye flick without the fuss. "Shadow is way less stressful than using a liquid eyeliner, it's a softer extension," she says of her choice to define her eyes with eyeshadow. She adds a little of the brown shadow onto her lower lash line too to complete her defined eye.

Next she brushes her brows through and adds a red lip using her Lip Duo , £17, outlining them with lip liner because it's dryer than lipstick so has more longevity, according to Aimee. "I love glowy dewy skin with a red lip. I like blue toned reds to make your teeth look white."  She sharpens the lines of her lips with concealer and is good to go!

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