We have been waiting a long time for this - six and a half years, in fact. Blogger, skin expert, straight-talker, eyebrow-raiser and cleansing campaigner (tell her you use face wipes at your peril)  Caroline Hirons  has finally created a product together with one of her favourite brands, Pixi.

Announced on her YouTube channel yesterday (see video above) was the big reveal that after having a hand in turning their renowned  Glow Tonic  into an international sellout, Caroline has teamed up with Pixi to formulate a genius double cleanser - we wouldn’t expect anything else - which is due to hit the shops in mid January.

We’re pretty sure it’ll be the best cleanser you’ll ever have, given the superblogger’s own glowing skin and years of knowledge which she’s poured into the blog for over six years, but for those needing more detail, here’s what we know:

  • It’s one pot, divided into two sections - one is a solid oil cleansing balm, the other is a cleansing cream.
  • It is 100ml and priced at £24
  • It is free from mineral oil, shea butter, parabens, fragrance and animal by-products
  • It is vegan
  • The balm gets rid of all makeup and SPF, while the cream is designed to either be used as a second cleanse, or for a less intensive cleanse in the morning

All in all, it sounds as perfect as you’d expect a cleanser to be from the internet’s queen of skincare. We’ve often wished money could buy what Caroline knows about skin, and soon it (sort of) can.

Suffice to say, Get The Gloss HQ is excited. We'll get a review up as soon as we can, but for now, roll on January…

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