Celebrity hairdresser Eugene Souleiman interview with Get The Gloss

To Eugene Souleiman, Wella Professionals Global Creative Director, the thing that makes hair more modern is that hair has become more relaxed. It’s developed a broken quality, and while it can still look gorgeous, luxurious and sexy, but it doesn’t have to look so pristine and perfect. Eugene says that today, a lot of modern styles that are being done have an ease to them, even though they’ve been worked.

Achieving the modern look

So how would a girl on the street re-create that look herself? For Eugene, it’s all about starting with a really good base. Start by cleansing your hair with a really good shampoo, take care of it with conditioner and apply a mask once a week. Additionally, it’s also down to things like getting the perfect blow dry with fresh beautiful conditioned quality of hair that gives you extra shine. Afterwards, Eugene suggests using another product to break up your hairstyle. So it still feels fresh and clean, but there’s an element of imperfection to it for an effortless texture.

The great divide

Partings seem to be very important at the moment and a definitive parting can completely change your look. Eugene says that partings are a really big part to styling hair as they really work with the shape of your head and how gravity affects it. For instance, when he’s doing a look that’s slightly sexier, he always tries to work with what the hair wants to do naturally by brushing it back and seeing where it falls.

From catwalk to the streets

Eugene believes that hair should be balanced with the clothes that you’re wearing. Restricting an area or reducing volume depends on the silhouette of the clothes that the designer has made. A couple of seasons ago, Stella McCartney created clothes similar to oversized men’s suits and wanted to leave the hair down but Eugene had to step in. He realised that they needed to make the hair smaller to make the clothes appear bigger and to make sure her point was really understood. For Eugene, now it’s not really about things that match. Pairing up things that don’t match makes a person seem more stylish and interesting.