Whether expensive or incredibly cheap, the quality of the makeup must be impeccable. It must have a wow factor that will last for years and must be able to fit in with changing trends over time.

In this video, Get The Gloss Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor  runs us through her top 10 modern day classics...

1. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

£70, Buy online

After spending years being asked what she was using on her models’ faces during shoots to give them such flawless skin, Charlotte finally bottled the magic elixir for us to buy. Once massaged into the skin, it is absorbed straight away meaning you can apply makeup almost instantly. It gives a glowy, flawless finish and smells gorgeous on the skin, without giving you any of that dreaded shine or grease.

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2. Lancome Miracle Air De Teint

£29.50, Buy online

Dubbed a ‘perfecting fluid’, Lacome’s Air De Teint acts sort of like a foundation but is incredibly fine and applied using a dropper rather than a pump-top. It has a super soft texture that blurs perfectly into the skin, balancing out your complexion without making you look blotchy or cakey.

3. Aurelia Refine and Polish Miracle Balm

£57, Buy online

A good exfoliator like this one from Aurelia gets rid of dead surface skin, revealing a fresh base underneath without being too harsh. It gives your skin a gorgeous glow and helps with the smooth and easy application of makeup. It contains enzymes which dissolve any debris left on the surface of the skin, and after a few minutes will leave skin feeling softer and smoother than ever before.

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4. Sienna X Gradual Glowing Self Tan

£15.95, Buy online

Sienna Self Tan gives a believable, soft glow that leaves your skin looking sun-kissed and radiant without leaving you orange and streaky. It also has none of the usual fake tan smell which is a huge bonus.

5. Clinique High Impact Stream Volume Mascara

£17, Buy online

The plastic brush that comes with this mascara adds amazing length to the lashes without any clogging. The best bit? You only need to add one coat to make a difference.

6. Clinique Chubby Stick

£17, Buy online

After Clinique set the lip-crayon trend with the gorgeous Chubby Stick, all other brands soon followed. They’re super sheer and give a gorgeous hint of colour without being overpowering. Revlon also do a great crayon, which twists up and down for easy application. They are perfect for popping in your handbag if you want to avoid leaks and spillages, and last for ages so you aren’t constantly replenishing your stock.

7. Charlotte Tilbury Eye Palettes

£38, Buy online

These gorgeous palettes come in a range of amazing colours including Uptown Girl and Golden Goddess. On the back of each one is a four step process explaining how to best apply the eyeshadow, making the palette perfect for eyeshadow virgins and beginners! A timeless classic, they will never go out of fashion and are tailored to suit each and every look.

8. James Read Sleep Mask Tan

£39.18,   Buy online

Applying to product before bed, this tan from James Read ensures you wake up looking glowy, bronzed and fresh as a daisy in the morning. It’s a believable colour and gives your skin a healthy boost.

9. Moroccan Oil Brand

£19.45, Buy online

The Frizz Mist, is perfect for taming unruly locks while the oil is great for controlling flyaways and dry ends. It comes in a lighter and heavier version to suit the thickness of your hair, and once applied feels natural and believable.

10. Chanel Les Beiges Collection

£39, Buy online

Chanel’s range of bronzers are the perfect way to delicately take the edge off paler skin tones without going over the top. They come in a range of colours and don’t contain any shimmer for a natural, more realistic look. Chanel’s Les Beiges Highlighting Powders are also great, and their foundations are light and flawless for perfect summer skin.