Editor-in-Chief of GTG Susannah Taylor  has tried Botox, but is worried there are no regulations for it within the beauty and health industry. She is also not a fan of the ‘frozen forehead’ look. Here is what she has to say on the matter in her latest video blog...

What’s the best Botox?

The best Botox is the Botox you can’t really see - the kind that leaves you looking well-rested without the shiny ‘frozen forehead’ look.

Are there any regulations for Botox?

Last year, the Keogh Report (a review into the cosmetic surgery industry conducted by the NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh) started looking into regulating Botox and providing training as well as setting basic standards for practitioners to follow.

Despite the fact that Botox is only supposed to be administered by trained doctors, nurses and surgeons, evidence suggests that current guidelines are not being followed. Despite this, the report has not yet come into practice.

So, where can I go for good Botox?

Dr Geoff Mullan, who runs Medicetics  in London, offers a treatment called Baby Botox. It involves using only a tiny amount of Botox for a more natural look and the treatment is given by a very safe pair of hands.

You can also look on the internet for guides specifying the best qualified doctors near you to deliver Botox. Some useful sites are:

BCAM , or the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, recommend registered doctors licensed to give Botox. Simply enter your postcode and the site will give you the best qualified practitioner near you.

The Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations  (AIHO) are a great place to head if you’ve ever had cosmetic surgery that’s gone wrong. They are also planning to start a training regime for people wanting to administer Botox.

What do I look out for when going for Botox?

Dr Geoff Mullan says you should never go through with Botox if the practitioner offering it seems too pushy, as this could mean they are only after your money and might not necessarily offer you the best care. At Medicetics, they also turn people away if they want a look which is too unrealistic or over the top - another sign of a reliable practitioner.

You also want a practitioner who pays attention to you as an individual. As simply filling your forehead will not achieve the desired results, you need the expert to study the way in which your face moves and inject the Botox accordingly. Taking photos before can be a good indication that a clinic is reliable.

I’m a Botox virgin - what can I expect?

After having Botox, you won’t be able to see the results immediately. It can take anywhere between three days and two weeks to see results.

If you end up having more injections than you expected, don’t be alarmed! They inject the muscles around the line as opposed to the line itself, so this is actually perfectly normal.

Some lines, such as those across your cheeks, are very difficult to eradicate. This may mean you have to go back again or even that Botox may not always work for you.

Just because you have more, doesn’t mean it will last longer, so don’t be afraid to go for small amounts like the Baby Botox treatment offered by Dr Geoff Mullan at Medicetics.

And remember, the best work is always invisible!