If you have a darker skin tone and ever struggled to find a single dark shade (let alone the right shade) of foundation on your beauty shelves, you’re not alone. An experience that GTG’s Not Fair columnist Ayesha Muttucumaru knows only too well, times are thankfully changing and today's colour spectrum is no longer as lopsided as it once was.

Wanting to spread the word and share all she's learned through the years, her new e-guide - 'The Ultimate Guide To Foundation for Darker Skin Tones'  - sets out to shed light on the improvements in the beauty industry for Asian, mixed race and Afro-Caribbean women.

To find out more about its inspiration, Susannah Taylor and Ayesha sit down to talk all things base control; from what the guide covers, to the best things she's learned about foundations, to why now couldn't be a more exciting time to get shopping. Plus, Susannah and Ayesha reveal the details of our exclusive giveaway with BeautyBlender - watch now to find out how you can be one of the lucky few to receive this brilliant beauty tool.

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