Eyebrows have always been a big deal in the beauty world. Over the years, they’ve undergone a transformation and the trend for which shape is fashionable constantly changes. In the 1920s, they used to be a big arch; in the 80s, they were left to go very bushy a la Brooke Shields; in the 90s, they became very defined. Now, thanks to people like Cara Delevingne, who has naturally bushy brows, they are thick but well defined. They need to look natural and groomed.

Eyebrows are incredibly important as they frame the face and bring out the eyes. For a pale person, it can be quite hard to define them because the brows are light.

Firstly, Sus reaches for an eyebrow dye and eyelash dye. She uses Colorsport 30 Day Mascara Eyelash and Brow Dye Kit , £5.50. The kit comes with an eyelash colour solution and a colour solution, both of which can also be used on your brows. Apply the eyelash solution to your brows and let it work its magic. After a minute, squeeze the eyelash colour gel on to an eyebrow brush and apply it to your brows. At first your brows will go quite dark but don’t panic, as this is not the colour that it will end up. The two products react to create the colour. The colour can stain your skin, but this dies down after a day or so. Have some water and cotton buds on hand to quickly wipe away any excess colour that gets on the skin. The longer you leave it, the darker and browner your brows will be. When you’ve left it on for your desired time, wipe your brows with a wet cotton pad. Don’t be afraid to scrub it off.

Laura Mercier Tweezer , £18.50

These ingenious tweezers were developed by Tweezerman for Laura Mercier. Instead of struggling to hold your tweezer between your thumb and forefinger, the circle on these tweezers allow you to get a tighter grip. When plucking, it’s very important to pluck beneath. Unless you’re an expert, don’t try to change your shape by plucking above. Additionally, be weary of over-plucking, as research has proven that some eyebrows only have a particular lifecycle and if you over-pluck them, they may not grow back.

Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium , £17.50

Popular makeup artist Caroline Barnes loves Benefit’s Gimme Brow and often uses it on celebrities. This gel-like/powder texture adds a hint of colour while helping to define your brows. Simply brush along the line of your brow and you’ll instantly see a subtle difference.

Blink Mysore Sandalwood Pencil , £13

This dual-ended pencil has a brush on one end and a fair pencil on the other. Simply stroke the pencil along your brow to define the brow subtly. The pencil has a hard feel that avoids leaving splodges along the brow.

Blink Cinnamon Spice Brow Definer , £15

This hard pencil comes in various colours and is developed to allow you to draw on tiny individual strokes to your brows.

Studio 10 Brow Visible Lift/Perfecting Liner , £17.36

This dual-ended pencil has a brown shade for the eyebrows to draw on the brows. The other end has a lighter shade that helps to disguise redness from plucking under the brow.

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