Everybody owns mascara. Get The Gloss Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor is huge fan of mascara as they give her eyes a ‘kick’ and while she has long lashes, you can’t tell until she applies mascara. Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury first discovered makeup when she came across mascara. After applying some to her lashes, she found it transformed her life – something Susannah can relate to.

Here, Susannah runs us through the best mascaras she's ever used:

Wild Mega Volume Waterproof Mascara by MaxFactor , £6.99

Lots of makeup artists use MaxFactor mascara and claim that it’s just as good as some of the slightly pricier products. This mascara has a wand that is fat on both ends with a slim middle, similar to a peanut. The wand has old-school bristles, rather than the more recent plastic ones. Susannah used the mascara in brown/black, perfect if you don’t want to go out in the day.

Diorshow Mascara by Dior , £24.50

Many makeup artists use this mascara as it has a large and fat brush. The brush has bristles, rather than spikes, and it really coats the lashes. This mascara is famous for getting a dramatic effect after just a couple of coats. It may not be what everybody is after for daytime but it has a good reputation for it’s false lash effect.

Bottom Lash Mascara by Clinique , £13

Clinique have an amazing range of mascara and this tiny mascara is one of their most innovative ones yet. This mascara has been created for your bottom lashes. Usually, if your lashes rub against your lower lids, the mascara tends to come off, make your eyes look dark and makes you look tired throughout the day. This genius mascara coats the bottom lashes in a non-clogging way and doesn’t budge. Susannah exercises often wearing this mascara and it doesn’t smudge or come off.

Double Fix Mascara by Clarins , £20

If you’re going on a romantic holiday or to a spa, this Clarins Double Fix Mascara keeps your mascara on all day. It’s a clear sealant and waterproofs your mascara. Simply coat it over your mascara and it will lock your mascara to your lashes without being seen. Its brush also helps to brush out any lashes that haven’t been clogged. You can then go swimming without any fears of panda eyes.

Susannah is not a fan of oily eye-makeup removers as these get into the eyes and make them feel horrible. Instead, she opts for gentle eye makeup remover by Nivea and Simple. Watch her talk about them in her skincare routine vlog: http://bit.ly/1E0wzAY

Grandiose Mascara by Lancôme , £24.50

This mascara has a very clever swan neck, which has been designed to ergonomically fit to the corners of your lashes. Its wand dips over the bridge of your nose to easily reach your lashes without leaving any marks on your face. This mascara easily reaches the roots of your lashes and its formula magically separates the lashes. It lengthens and defines, rather than giving a thick false lash effect.

Le Volume de Chanel Waterproof Mascara by Chanel , £25

This classic mascara is great for everyday use. This wand has plastic spikes, which are great for coating the lashes evenly. This mascara doesn’t come off when Susannah exercises.

Clinique High Impact Extreme Mascara , £18

This mascara is Susannah’s favourite at the moment. It doesn’t budge and works to lengthen, define and thicken the lashes in a way that still looks subtle.

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