If there’s one thing we all want in beauty products, it’s a way to get optimum results in less time. Luckily for us, the market has become flooded with amazing gadgets and impressive tools designed to get our skin and body ship-shape in no time at all. Get The Gloss Editor-in-Chief  Susannah Taylor  talks us through her top four gadgets of the moment...

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Facial Lift

£25, Buy online

Celebrity facialist Sarah Chapman is known for her infamous light finger work, which includes nipping and patting the skin to increase blood flow. The only problem is that booking an appointment can be near impossible, so lucky for us she created Skinesis Facial Lift, a contraption that works to improve your blood circulation and to get rid of the gunk that lies beneath your skin. After cleansing, roll the tool across your face a few times in different directions. Sarah believes that this will shift sedentary nasties towards your lymph nodes and helps towards decongesting your face, leaving it radiant and energised. The Skinesis range also includes a tool for the body which focuses on the thighs and bottom to help get rid of cellulite.

Bliss Pore-fector Gadget

£140, Buy online

This blackhead remover saves you the stress of squeezing out blackheads with your hands (and saving you from the resultant scarring and bleeding that follows. Once the gadget is charged, press it downwards against the skin. Sonic vibrations will help pull out blackheads and any decongestion in your pores, while its clever shape enables you to get right into the surface of the skin for top results. The Pore-fector Gadget also comes with a Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner to cleanse the skin before use.

Micro-Pedi Rapid Hard Skin Remover

£39.99, Buy online

Rather than tiring your arms as you buff away at hard skin, this nifty product makes it a breeze to obtain sandal-perfect feet. Once turned on, its buffer begins whizzing and speedily polishes all dead and hard skin from the foot, leaving them extremely soft to the touch. Adding to its time-saving qualities, once you’re done, the buffer can be removed for quick and easy cleaning. Ingenious.

Slendertone Face Toner – Female

 £249.99, Buy online

You may have heard of the Slendertone – a tool which works to contract and tone the muscles in your stomach. Now, there’s the Slendertone Face Toner. A tool that bears resemblance to headphones, you stick silicon pads to the two plates. Next, select your desired programme and the level of intensity that you want the machine to be. Resting the band against the back of your head, you place a plate on each cheek and will begin to feel a tingling sensation. The gadget emits a pulsing vibration which works to tone the muscles gently over the course of 12 weeks. It is recommended that over these 12 weeks, the gadget is used no more than 5 times a week at 20 minutes per day. It might feel strange at first but as it goes on, you’ll get used to it and can adjust the level of intensity accordingly. A true glimpse into beauty tools of the future.