Skincare clinic Skin Laundry has arrived fresh from LA on a mission to improve our skin health. Founder Yen Reis suffered with skin issues that grew worse with age. Susannah can relate to that, as she’s currently experiencing breakouts. Yen’s speedy light and laser therapy treatment, which she discovered in Asia, is available at the new Skin Laundry store in Liberty London and Susannah can’t wait to try it.

Alongside treatments, Skin Laundry also offers effective and targeted at-home beauty products. The Skin Laundry Nourishing Cleansing Oil,  £24 removes all makeup and impurities while softening and hydrating the skin.  The Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum , £44 contains antioxidants, vitamins and peptides to reduce the signs of ageing. But the product Susannah was the most excited about, however, is the Skin Laundry Sleep Cycle Clean Skin Pillowcase , £24 which contains silver ion technology to help maintain cleaner and clearer skin while you sleep.

The new self-tanning range from Tan-Luxe, available at Space NK is next on Susannah’s list as her current favourite for a natural tan. By adding a few drops of the Tan-Luxe Illuminating Serum Self Tan Facial Drops , £31 or Tan-Luxe The Body Illuminating Self Tan Drops , £42 into your daily moisturiser, you are left with a healthy bronzed glow without looking tango-ed.

New from Sarah Chapman is the Skinesis Lash Boosting Eye Cleanse , £32. It’s an eye makeup remover that also works to lengthen your lashes. It contains biomimetic peptide hair care which will feed your lashes and help them to grow. With its no-fuss pump, it is incredibly easy to use.

A new pillow mists on the market from Elle Macpherson’s WelleCo, the Sleep Welle Calming Mist , £24 contains lavender, camomile and lemon extracts. This fine mist can be sprayed on to your pulse points or your pillows and its aromatherapy properties will help you drift off to sleep.

There are so many liquid lipsticks on the market (Get The Gloss columnist Anna Hunter has examined the new trend ) but it’s the new YSL Vernis À Lèvres Vinyl Cream , £26 that has caught Susannah’s eye. The glossy finish with its dense pigment sinks into your lips, leaving a balmy stain that lasts incredibly well.

Finally, it has long been known that insects can be a great source of protein. Susannah puts this to the test by trying out the Jimini’s Baked Grasshoppers in Greek Spices and Paprika flavours  on camera. They might be high in protein, but do they score on taste? Watch Susannah’s vlog to find out…