Bella and Gigi Hadid's facialist shares her DIY turmeric face mask

Wouldn't it be nice to have a celebrity facialist on hand to tend to your skin during lockdown? We'd emerge from weeks at home with glowing skin that betrays no sign of the vitamin D deficiency  we're suffering with.

While we'll have to keep on dreaming about a pro coming round to pamper our skin, we did manage to grab two minutes with facialist to the stars Mimi Luzon, who taught us how to make her glow-giving DIY face mask - maybe we will step out of lockdown looking like a Hadid sister after all?

Mimi, who is best known for her gold face mask , uses turmeric , milk, flour, lemon and a few drops of her Pure Gold Glow Brilliant Super Oil  to create the mask - if you don't have her particular oil you can include any facial oil  you do have in your arsenal, or none at all - the mask will still be brightening.

The turmeric is a brightening anti-oxidant with anti-inflammatory powers while the milk acts as lactic acid for a glowing effect.

You will need:

A teaspoon of flour

Spoonful of turmeric

A teaspoon of lemon

Spoonful of milk

Mix everything to create ointment on the skin for 20 minutes

Follow with your moisturiser of choice .

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