How to create stronger, fuller brows with Mary Greenwell

Mary Greenwell is the godmother of makeup artists, having tutored the likes of Charlotte Tilbury and Lisa Eldridge to name just a couple. A big believer that makeup should be easy to use at home, here Mary shows us how to recreate a strong, beautiful brow using just one product.

First, Mary used Chanel’s  Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil in No. 30 Brun Natural , £19, to fill in the skin beneath the brow, making sure to follow the line at the top rather than the bottom. She kept the line as straight as possible as she filled in the brow to ensure she kept the shape, and made sure to match the colour of the pencil to the root colour of the model’s hair.

Using the other end of the pencil she then brushed the brow through, making sure to move from base to top in order to lift the face.

Finally, she matched the brows by filling in the top of one to lift it and drawing her pencil line a little lower through the middle of the second to give an even apperance.

In terms of plucking, Mary recommends having straight brows rather than ones that follow your eyes down in order to open your face and give it more lift.


Make-up by Mary Greenwell at Premier Hair and Makeup

Hair by Leigh Keates at Premier Hair and Makeup

Model: Elissa at Premier

Director:  Susannah Taylor

Production and filming by  Pocket Motion Pictures