Perfect for the modern bride, this elegant chignon is fresh and unfussy.This elegant style will work well with any wedding dress and can accomodate anything from a veil to a flower crown. Bruce Masefield shows us how to recreate this chic summer wedding look with just a handful of products.

Start off by creating texture in the hair - you don’t want it to look to sleek. Bruce sprays Wella EIMI Sugar Lift sugar spray , £9.50 to the roots, massaging it through with his fingers to create natural volume at the crown. Then he applies Wella EIMI Ocean Spritz salt spray  £9.50 to the ends of the hair, giving it a gently tousled quality. This sweet ‘n’ salty combo creates an ideal base for an updo.

Bruce blow dries the product into the hair with the GHD Air Hairdryer, £89  working the heat from root to tip to set the volume and keep it shiny. Focus the hairdryer on the crown and break up any existing parting.

Continue to add product until you are happy with the texture, then play around with the shape of the hair as you gently push it in to a low ponytail. Keep it loose aroung the face and don’t scrape any stray pieces back - let them add to the romantic feel of the look.

Draw the hair back to the nape of the neck with a wide tooth comb. For perfect pony placement, Bruce reccomends putting a fingertip at the nape of the neck, then letting the hair naturally fall over it. Gather the hair and secure with a bungee cord , wrapping it around several times.

Bruce brushes the hair of the ponytail a little, then runs Sassoon Hydro Finish dressing cream , £19.90 through it to give the bun a glossy finish. Twist the pony to form a low bun at the nape of the neck. Don’t worry if any sections flick out, you don’t the look to be too pristine. Secure your chignon with pins, weaving them back and forth throught the hair to ensure the style stays put all day.

Using a pintail comb, Bruce gently works strands of hair free from around the face to break up the shape and create a soft, hazy look. Finally, spritz the whole look with  Sassoon Edit Hold Reworkable Long Lasting Finishing Spray , £15.35 to lock in the softness of the look.

Hair by Bruce Masefield, Creative Director of Sassoon

Film by Lock Studios

Directed by Susannah Taylor

Make-up by Jade Leggat at S Management

Model Anna Herrera at The Hive

Dress and veil by Jenny Packham

Created in collaboration with Sassoon.