How to do day to night summer hair with Bruce Masefield

Create the perfect polished day-to-night look with these easy-to-follow styling tips from Bruce Masefield. Start the day with a glossy half pony before letting your hair down with this perfect side-swept style.

Prep the hair by creating a low side parting on one side, using a comb to create a perfectly straight line. Apply Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte , £15.35 to the parted area and blowdry with GHD Air Hairdryer , £89 to set the parting. Bruce recommends directing the heat away from the parting itself and in the direction you want the hair to move.

Next, Bruce takes a section of hair behind the ears and uses a comb to draw a line around th eback of the head to the other side, seperating the top layer of hair around the crown. Brush the hair into your hands like a half ponytail and secure with a bungee cord.

To create a perfectly polished finish, Bruce spritzes Sassoon Edit Hold Reworkable Long Lasting Finishing Spray , £15.35 on to a hairbrush and uses it to refine flyaways. He then takes a small amount of Sassoon Professional Diamond Polish , £19.40 in his hands and runs it over the top to create a hi-shine finish.

To finish, take a section of hair from the half-pony and wrap it around heated hair tongs - Bruce is using GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand , £121.91 - to create a tightly coiled curl. Shape it around the bungee cord to elegantly conceal it; you could also use a piece of leather velvet ribbon for a catwalk-inspired look.

Here’s how you can take your look from office to bar in minutes.

Shake out the low ponytail but keep the low side part, then brush the hair around to one side. Use a clip at the nape of the neck to hold the hair in place over one shoulder. To create a sexier, more touseled look for the evening Bruce sprays the hair all over with Wella Dry Me Dry Shampoo , £12.50 and massages it in to create volume and texture.

Hair by Bruce Masefield, Creative Director of Sassoon

Film by Lock Studios

Directed by Susannah Taylor

Make-up by Jade Leggat at S Management

Model Anna Herrera at the Hive

Created in collaboration with Sassoon.