First, start by applying  Sassoon Professional Curl Form hair mousse  to hair to add hold and texture, then blow dry smooth. Massage the roots to add volume. Next take a long lasting hair spray such as Sassoon Professional’s Edit Hold Hairspray and spray each section of hair thoroughly.

Next, taking small sections of the hair, wrap around a small tong, making sure the ends are left out to give a natural finish. Repeat all around the head, alternating between a medium and a small tong.

On top of the head, part hair over to one side and pin out of the way as you continue to tong the hair. Make sure the curls tumble to one side, and once done leave hair until it’s cold to the touch. Once set, tip head forward and massage roots to add volume. Flip hair back and pull through the curls with your fingers rather than a brush which would pull the curl out. Flip hair over to one side and spray with a dry shampoo such as  Sassoon Professional’s Illuminating Clean Shampoo  to add more texture. Finish with  Sassoon Edit Hold hairspray  to set in place.

Hair by Sassoon
Direction: Susannah Taylor
Model: Amanda Urvall Nyren
Makeup: Neil Young at Premier Hair and Makeup

Produced in partnership with Sassoon

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