Plaits and braids are ideal for summer because they add fun and texture to hair without ever looking like you’ve tried too hard. Perfect for everything from festivals to summer BBQs, they look relaxed, pretty and are easy to do yourself.

Here, Bruce Masefield, Creative Director at Sassoon shows us how to do the half-up, half-down fishtail plait which looks very impressive but is remarkably easy to do.

Starting the look from the hair’s natural texture, Bruce first used Wella Salon Professional Ocean Spritz Dry Beach Texture Spray , £8.90, to keep the look undone, then dried the hair while kneading the top of the head to keep it messy. He twisted the hair while drying to give it a ropey, modern texture.

Using his fingers, Bruce then took a section of hair that went from the top of the ear on both sides of the head, making sure he left it loose on top, and used a clear band to tie the ponytail.

Next he split the ponytail into two even sections, making sure he kept a small piece aside to wrap round the hairband at the end. He took a thin section from the outside of each section in the ponytail and wrapped it round each fatter section in turn. He kept his thumb on the last piece of hair that he crossed over each time to make sure the plait didn’t fall out, and smoothed each section of hair each time he wrapped it in order to keep it neat.

He tied off the plait with another clear hairband, leaving some hair at the bottom to continue the modern, textured look.

Bruce then tightly tied the piece of hair he had left out around the band at the top to hide it, and using his fingers kneaded and pulled at the plait to make it looser. He also pulled small pieces out slightly to give it a dishevelled texture.

Finally, Bruce added Wella Salon Professional Sebastian Drynamic Dry Shampoo , £20, to tie in the texture of the whole look and add volume to the underneath sections, and pulled some sections of the top of the hair to give it a matching messiness.


Hair by Bruce Masefield, Creative Director of Sassoon

Film by PocketMotionPictures

Directed by Susannah Taylor

Make-up by James O’Riley at Premier Hair and Makeup

Model Sophie Young at Storm

Top from  Anthropologie