First, dampen dry hair with a Halo Hydrate Leave-in conditioner,  £18.50 spritzing it throughout. Then, taking a bristle brush blow dry the hairline smooth leaving the rest with its natural texture. If your hair lis prone to being super straight then do as Sassoon have done and spray thoroughly with dry shampoo such as EiMi Dry Me Dry Shampoo  £6.35 before rough drying the hair away from the face.

Next, using your hands, pull hair into a ponytail without smoothing hair too much and leaving some tendrils out.  Secure with a hair bungee at the nape of the neck. Then divide hair into four plaits (it doesn't matter if they are not all the same size), and tie each with an invisible band. Then, using kirby grips a similar colour to your hair, wrap the plaits around themselves to make a ball shape, pinning the ends in as you go. Once complete, spray with Sassoon Edit Hold Long-lasting Finish Spra y, £15.70. Refine the shape using your hands.

Leave the look as is or, taking a length of ribbon, tie it around the head tying on a bow behind one ear.


Director, Susannah Taylor

Film by Lock Studios

Hair by Sassoon

Model  - Amanda Urvall Nyren

Makeup Neil Young at Premier Hair and Makeup

Dress Rebecca Valance from

Produced in partnership with Sassoon