Dr Sam Bunting is something of an expert when it comes to lip care - she most recently warned us about the risk of retinol lips  - so we could think of nobody better to ask about how to deal with lip wrinkles - you know, the tiny lines around your lip that makes your perfectly applied lipstick bleed and feather. Certainly not the end of the world, but annoying nonetheless.

We put our most-asked lip wrinkle questions to Dr Sam, and learnt that when it comes to wrinkly lips, prevention is better than a cure. If you're yet to experience lip wrinkles, Dr Sam says that skincare is key to keeping them at bay. Embrace vitamin C  and UV protection in the morning - this powerful combo will help to preserve your collagen stores, keeping lips on the plumper side of pillowy.

Unfortunately, it's habits we might not even know we have that are the cause of our lip wrinkles - from pouting (selfie lovers, we're looking at you) to twitching, to drinking from straws, these are all culprits of lip wrinkles. Smoking is the worst of all (of course) but putting aside your straw is a good preventative measure to staving off lip wrinkles.

Once wrinkles are in place on your lips, Dr Sam recommends botox or dermal fillers to get your pout back to its prime - watch her video for what she advises undergoing, treatment wise.

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