Season after season we see a slight variation of the chignon - the messy chignon, the sleek chignon  or perhaps the topknot. For spring however, we would like to present an up-do that's doubly beautiful. Here stylist Safaa El Nour has split the chignon in two creating two twisted knots that are both uber chic and youthful at the same time.

Learn how to recreate the look below or head to a Sassoon  salon nationwide where they can create the look from their Blow & Style menu for you.


First take a hydrating mist such as Sassoon’s Halo Hydrate, £19 , and spritz it through damp hair. This will add softness and touchability. Next take a volumising mousse  - Safaa used Sassoon’s Edit Body, £19.50   - which adds malleable hold and volume to the hair. Comb through with a fine-toothed comb to distribute evenly and sure all the hair is coated.


Then, taking a powerful hairdryer such as the Aura Professional hairdryer , £125 as well as a Paddle Brush , £20 both by GHD, dry hair smooth bit by bit. Make sure that you point the nozzle of the hairdryer down the shaft of the hair (the way the cuticle is lying) to add extra gloss. If your hair is very frizzy, section hair off with clips to ensure you can really focus on smaller sections.


Using a tail comb, side part your hair neatly, then using the tail end of the comb, draw a line across the crown of the head (towards the other side to the parting). Next draw a parting straight down the middle back of the head from crown to nape of your neck.  Your hair will be lying in two sections.


Then, taking a flexible hold hairspray like Sassoon’s Motion Hold, £14.50,  spray a bristle brush (Safaa used a Mason & Pearson bristle brush ) before brushing it through one half of the hair. This increases, gloss, hold and smooths any flyaways.


Next, take a hair bungee and wrap around that side of the hair to create a low, tight bunch. Repeat on the other side. Then, taking one bunch, divide it into two and knot as if you were beginning to tie a shoe lace. Continue this action all the way down the hair and tie with a hair band at the bottom. Repeat on the other side.


Finally, wrap the knotted hair around the elastic band and secure with a Kirby grip, ensuring the ends don’t stick out. Spray with hairspray like Sassoon’s Motion Hold, £14.50  and repeat on the other side.

All products are available at  Sassoon salons  nationwide.


Written in partnership with Sassoon

Hair  - Safaa El Nour, Assistant Creative Director at Sassoon's Covent Garden Salon

Directed by Susannah Taylor

Filming by Pocket Motion Pictures

Makeup – Neil Young at Premier Hair and Makeup

Model – Annabelle Ringwood

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