Looking for some new styles for your long hair this summer? Bruce Masefield shows three catwalk inspired looks to get you through the season.

If you found braiding tough, then you’ll be pleased to know that the first look, ‘the rope twist’ is an easier alternative.

To prep the hair, Bruce smooths the hair through a little bit using the hairdryer with the nozzle pointed down the hair shaft and a brush before spraying the Sassoon Professional Edit Hold hairspray, £15.35 through the front of the hair and onto the brush.

Bruce then puts the hair into a high ponytail and secures with a piece of elastic to ensure it stays put.

The ponytail is then divided into two and Bruce twists the hair into the middle, wrapping each piece of hair over one another as he twists. He then secures it into place using bobby pins down the length of the twist before securing with an elastic band at the bottom.

The next look ‘Up in knots’ is a new alternative to the up-do. If you’ve got any festivals, holidays or lazy BBQ’s coming up then this is a must try.

Bruce starts by adding texture into the hair by spraying the Wella EIMI Ocean Spritz , £9.50 from a distance and then uses the GHD Air Hairdryer , £99 with Diffuser, £15 to set in the texture.

Using either a D pin or kirby grip, Bruce then twists sections of the hair into knots and pins into place all over the head, making sure to check the silhouette on the front and sides.

The final look ‘Wild and Free’ is a huge trend for summer with its natural, full and wild texture.

Bruce suggests starting by pinning hair up into knots as in the previous look and spraying with the  Wella EIMI Perfect me , £9.50 before setting using the  GHD Air Hairdryer , £99 with a Diffuser, £15 to set in the texture without blowing the hair around. Bruce then lets the hair cool to set the texture in place before taking the pins out and using his hands to shake out the hair.

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