This Lob length hair (translated: ‘Long Bob’ length) is the style of the moment and Bruce Masefield shows us three looks to transform yours this summer. With elements that can be applied to all hair lengths, there’s something for everyone and every summer situation.

The first look ‘Sweet Romance’ is perfect for everything from workday wear to a feminine look for weddings. Bruce starts by putting some of the Wella EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo , £12.50 into the hair to add a slight fluffy texture. He then kneads the product in and pushes the fringe to the side.

Bruce then takes a hairbrush and brushes the hair through to give a soft flyaway texture with a loose side parting. He then uses a clip to tether the hair to one side while adding a contrasting clip into the hair before locking the style in using the  Sassoon Professional Edit Hold hairspray,  £15.35 to make sure the undone look and flyaway pieces stay put.

The next look ‘The Rocking Tousle’ is both sassy and super stylish. To begin with Bruce sprayed the hair with  Sassoon Professional Edit Hold hairspray , £15.35 to act as a very light setting lotion before using any heat. Using the GHD Classic Wave Wand , £120 Bruce then tonged the hair, wrapping it in different directions to add texture before leaving it to cool and set.

Bruce then uses Wella EIMI Perfect Me cream , £10.50 and smoothed the product through the roots to add a little bit of polish. Finally, to finish the look Bruce used the  Sassoon Professional Edit Hold hairspray , £15.35 to lock out the moisture and lock in the look.

The last look is a new take on the surfer girl trend, and it’s not the beachy tousle that’s been so popular over the last few years. This summer is all about wet, sexy, slicked back hair and Bruce firstly uses the  Sassoon Professional Halo Hydrate Spray , £18 to lightly put some moisture back into the hair before applying the Wella EIMI Sculpt Force Gel , £12 with the GHD detangling comb , £7.50. Bruce combs the hair off the face letting it set in place.

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