In this video, Teresa will demonstrate how to use the L’Occitane Divine Oil and the award-winning L’Occitane Divine range to do an anti-ageing facial massage...

Why we shouldn’t be afraid of using facial oils

ST: So firstly oils: generally women are quite scared of using face oils  because they think they’re going to make their skin greasy. How can we be less afraid of using oils in our skincare  regime?

TT: I would admit that it used to scare me. Now I love it. Oil doesn’t make someone produce more oil. Actually, I think a lot of people try to dry the skin out, which makes the skin look worse. Oil can be nice and dewy, but also we have to remember it’s a natural product. It has lots of essential oils in there, which has so many benefits.

How should we use facial oils?

ST: So how can women incorporate using an oil into their skincare regime?

TT: I think mature women can use more. When I say more, I mean in the morning and the evening, they can use it by itself. Or maybe even under the moisturiser if they want more of a dewy finish or that nourishing feel. I’m not the typical facialist where you stick to cleanse, tone, moisturise, exfoliate, mask. I feel that people have different days – they might be feeling dry, they might be feeling dehydrated so they want nourishing creams. Various ways of using the oil, as I said before, would be under a moisturiser, as well as a moisturiser or just by itself and I think that people’s daily routine can change.

A daily anti-ageing facial massage with Teresa Tarmey

“Daily facial massage can help drain away toxins, improve skin’s texture, give a great glow and help prevent ageing," says Teresa.

When cleansing, Teresa tends to opt for a cream cleanser as it feels nice and more comforting on the skin. It also moves around the skin easier.

Once the cleanser is applied, Teresa takes it off with some wet cotton wool by moving the wool upwards and out.

Next, blot the skin.

Traditionally, a toner would be applied. Instead, Teresa used the L’Occitane Divine Lotion , £42. While it’s similar to a tone, it’s more nourishing and helps to get rid of any residue from the cleanser.

Then, reach for your facial oil. Teresa used the L’Occitane Divine Oil , £68. Dispense around three drops and massage the oil into the skin by moving your hands upwards and out, preferably towards the lymph. Don’t be afraid to be too firm – you don’t have to drag the skin to lift muscle.

Next, get your cream. Teresa used L’Occitane’s Divine Cream , £64.80. You don’t need too much as it’s so rich. Starting from the neck, massage upwards and outwards.

Last but not least, grab L’Occitane’s Divine Eye Cream , £48. This is an extremely important step and lots of people tend to miss eyes out of their skincare regime. Use your ring fingers, as they’re much lighter. A lot of people apply eye creams the wrong way round. Move your fingers gently in circles and drain into the corners of the eyes.

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The DIY daily glow facial massage

Perform this massage daily with a facial oil. Here, we have used L’Occitane Divine Youth Oil , £68.

Place 3 – 5 drops of oil in the palms of your hands.

Smooth oil onto the skin to awaken it, using gentle upwards movements across your face and neck.

Invigorate skin to boost circulation, using gentle circular movements across your face.

Finish your facial massage, with gentle upwards and outwards movements.

Teresa’s top anti-ageing skincare tips

Drink lots of water.

Use SPF all year around. Opt for factor 30, and not just one that’s included in a moisturiser or foundation so that it has high protection.

Sleep is such an important factor of skincare. The skin is a lot more plumped and refreshed after a good night’s rest.

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