Dia Foley started Indeed Labs approximately three years ago and launched in the UK with their revolutionary skin finisher, Nanoblur. The brand started the brand purely because cameras can be hard on the skin. Dia was once standing in front of a camera and caught sight of herself on a monitor. She was shocked to see every line, every wrinkle and every pore on her face.

The brand began to think about how they could develop a product that, in real time, could help to blur out the imperfections and allow you to always be ready for the camera – especially when everyone has smartphones with cameras.

This product is interesting because it can be worn on the skin in a variety of ways. It can be worn bare on the skin – just moisturise and apply Nanoblur on top. Blend it into the skin by patting, leave it for a minute and you’ll be left with a beautiful matte finish on the skin and appears like a filter.

Nanoblur is a hybrid between skincare and makeup, working to minimise pores, while giving a flawless finish. This product is popular due to its instant results – something that is lacking in skincare products.


Filmed by Pocket Motion Pictures

Disclaimer: Created in partnership with Indeed Laboratories