London Fashion Week tips with makeup artist Florrie White

Renowned makeup artist and Clinique colour artist Florrie White has worked on some of the biggest celebrities around, such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Alexa Chung, and her work has graced the pages of magazines like Vogue and Tatler. In this video, she shares her top tips for surviving Fashion Week…

If you were jet setting between parties, cities and shows, which one product would you take with you?

Although picking just one product is almost impossible to do for a makeup artist, Florrie has to settle on black mascara. With this, you can define your lashes, open your eyes, clog your lashes for a 60s look – it allows you to be versatile.

What's the best way to disguise under eye circles and dark bags?

Florrie suggests investing in some skincare and recommends Clinique’s All About Eyes eye serum, £26 . It comes with a handy small metal ball, which can be quite cooling to the eye area. This product instantly refreshes and brightens up the eyes. Florrie recommends then following it up with concealer to cover the shadow even further, along with a little bit of illuminator.

If you could only have two make-up products during fashion week, what would they be?

To create a modern A/W’14 beauty look with only two products, Florrie chose a dark chocolate eyeliner and a statement lip colour. With the darkness of the chocolate liner, you still get the intensity that you would with black eyeliner, although it’s slightly more smudgy and sexy around the eyes. Even if the eyes look tired, it’s not so much of a harsh contrast. For the statement lip, Florrie says it’s important to pick colours that suit you. Personally, she would go with a deep purple or crimson red to instantly make a statement with little effort.

How do you achieve glowing skin that won’t look shiny against camera flashes?

Florrie says it’s important to think of luminescence rather than shine. She suggests adding your illuminating product around the face, which would be the inner corners of the eyes, around the temples, apples of the cheek, down the nose for extra drama and above your cupid’s bow to enhance the lip. Then you control the oil around the rest of your face, so you can powder down your T-zone, down your nose, chin and little bit under the eyes.

If you could only carry one beauty tool with you at fashion week, what would it be?

Unable to pick only one, Florrie had to select two beauty tools. For the models, Florrie selects eyelash curlers as they instantly open out the eyes and give the illusion of longer lashes. For her kit, Florrie would select her spatula. She never puts her products and often receives comments from celebrities and actresses on how clean her makeup kit it – something she’s very proud of!

What makeup blunders should you avoid at fashion week?

Florrie says it’s important to avoid wearing the wrong shade of foundation, as it won’t blend into your face and neck properly. According to Florrie, there’s no excuse for this and she recommends visiting a makeup counter to get matched up, check it in the daylight and then go back in if it was the right shade.

What’s your emergency saviour in a sudden blemish breakout?

Florrie’s main concern is to not pick the spot. By picking at a spot, you’re adding more dirt and bacteria, which means it will take longer to clear up. Florrie recommends cleansing and then applying some Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Gel, £20 , just once (you don’t want to dry it out). Do this in the morning and evening, let the gel dry, pat some concealer on top with a clean finger and finish by dusting over with some powder.

What's your favourite quick skin pick-me-up when you’re feeling exhausted?

Florrie recommends investing in a moisture spray, such as Clinique’s Moisture Surge, £34  and spraying it over your makeup and foundation. You won’t need to reapply your makeup and it’ll give your skin an extra boost as well as hydrating and brightening it.