If there’s one person who has managed to defy ageing to her best ability, it’s Madonna. So, the beauty world was excited to hear that the singer has launched her own anti-ageing skincare line, MDNASKN. Known for her youthful appearance, the 55-year-old embraces the skin she’s in and shows off her infamous sultry side in the latest project’s promo video.

The promotional video is not your average skincare campaign (it is Madonna, after all). The eccentric singer stars in a black and white video, donning suspenders and high heels as she writhes in an empty bathtub and admires herself in a mirror.

It begins with the Material Girl’s husky voice telling you: “Having good skin is important to me.” Sinister music and choppy shots follow as she continues: “Creation… Your body smells like honey from the comb. Essence… Your amber silken skin smells of your mind. Alchemy…”

“I’ve spent hours on it. Touch my skin. Months on it. Touch me. Years on it. My skin. MDNA.”

Consisting of an anti-ageing serum, chrome clay mask and skin rejuvenator, the line was created in collaboration with MTG and is currently only available in Japan.

On the same day that the video was released, Madonna took to her Instagram to share a picture of her underarm hair. Wearing a black lace corset, the singer captioned the image: "Long hair...... Don't Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove".

We’ve got to hand it to her – this lady still knows how grab our attention.

What do you think of Madonna’s skincare campaign? Would you buy it? Let us know @GetTheGloss or in the comments below!

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