Mary Greenwell: How to change your makeup look with just one product

In her last tutorial, makeup legend Mary Greenwell showed us how to achieve the perfect base and get red carpet-worthy skin. Now, she's building on that look to show how one product can make a big difference.

Mary insists that you don’t need any brushes – just one pink cream blush to create a really sweet look.

There are two reasons why Mary opts for a cream eyeshadow over one with a powder texture; one, you cannot put powder on your mouth, and two, you don’t need any brushes to use cream.

For her blush of choice, Mary selects  Chanel Le Blush Crème de Chanel in Révélation , £28, and applies it to the eyelids by patting it along the lid and blending up towards the socket. Using your fingers to build intensity on the lid.

Next, pat a small amount of blush high on to the cheeks and blend it in. Be careful not to apply too much, as Mary recommends keeping the attention on the eyes, rather than the cheeks. A light blush will help to balance the face.

Now that the eyes and cheeks are done, Mary moves on to the next feature; the mouth. Take a small amount of the blusher on to your fingers and pat it on to your lips to achieve a gorgeous pink mouth. This requires no lip liner or brushes; just your fingers and one product.

You can choose to stop here or continue building the face to achieve a more made-up look. As Mary wants to keep this tutorial brush-free, she is going to focus purely on the eyebrows and mascara.

Taking  Chanel Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil in 10 Blond Clair , £19, Mary fills in the brows by moving it back and forth so that the pencil hits the skin. Use the spoolie end to brush through the brow, following its shape.

Finally, Mary reaches for her final product  Chanel Le Volume De Chanel mascara in Noir , £25. Take your mascara and work it into the roots of the lashes and through to the tips. Without re-dipping your wand into the mascara tube, do the same on your other eye.

Again, without taking more product on to your wand, work your mascara in the roots of the lashes, focusing on the outer corners of the eye.

While you could do the bottom lashes, Mary suggests leaving the look there, as this could ruin the gentle look by making the eyes appear too big.


Hair by Leigh Keates at Premier Hair and Makeup

Model: Louisa Facchino-Stack at Select Model Management

Director: Susannah Taylor

Beauty Assistant: Hanna Ibraheem

Production and filming by  Pocket Motion Pictures

Louisa wears Chanel Cruise 15 collection dress.

Disclaimer: Produced in partnership with Chanel.