Nicola’s inspiration for Neom came to her while working at Glamour Magazine. Working crazy (but enjoyable) long hours could be very stressful and intense, so Nicola developed her own bottles of aromatherapy oils, full of complex burns for Susannah and the rest of their Glamour colleagues in order to relieve stress, improve sleep and provide an energy boost.

Nicola believes that problems, such as stress, sleep, energy and mood are completely interlinked with one another. By 2020, 4 of the top health issues will be stress-related, so Neom are working on a huge nationwide audit to discover the wellbeing levels of women in the UK right now. This will reveal what’s causing them stress, what’s creating sleep problems and why energy levels are dipping – and Neom can establish what they can do to help.

Neom was based on the “Science of Scent Therapy”, this means that the essential oils used in their products are so pure that they hit 50 million receptors in your nose (olfactory glands). This goes to the hypothalamus glands, where hormones are stored, where it’ll improve your sleep, boost your energy, help your mood or de-stress.

For Nicola, wellbeing is fundamentally about looking after yourself and feeling the best that you can feel and so, Neom was set up to serve as a wellbeing fragrance brand. Her concern wasn’t to create pretty candles and nicely scented bath products - instead, she created products with true therapeutic benefits.

Whether you use a Neom candle to de-stress at the end of the day, a Neom bath oil to sleep at night or a Neom mist to lift your mood, all of their fragrances are 100% natural and will harness their true therapeutic properties.

After a long day at work, Susannah finds herself reaching for her Neom Real Luxury, which she finds really helps to calm her down – but how does it work? This candle’s magical properties start at the harvest and the complexity of its blend. Nicola may find herself working on a blend for 2 years before she gets it right and takes it to trial. Another Neom blend, Tranquillity, underwent sleep trials and 91% of women had a better night’s sleep.

Luckily for us, Neom are taking the step this year to launch 4 wellbeing treatments; de-stress, sleep, happiness and energise. Keep an eye on Get The Gloss, where we’ll be sure to keep you updated on where to get these amazing new treatments.


One in ten women work over 45 hours per week = a 6 day week

Stress keeps 54% of UK women from getting quality sleep

Women seeking knowledge of wellbeing has grown 50% in 10 years

Over 160 studies tell us that happy people are healthier

Disclaimer: Created in partnership with Neom Organics.