Refy review: this fluffy brow kit went viral – but what do our staffers think?

Ever since brow lamination  entered our lives in late 2019 the trend for fluffy, OTT brows has been everywhere and nobody wears the look better than model Jess Hunt who is famed among her 1.3 million Instagram followers for her signature strong brows. Jess launched her own brow brand Refy (pronounced reff-eye) in November 2020 to allow us all to create the full, fluffy, laminated look from home while salons remain closed.

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The Refy Brow Collection kit  costs £40 and comprises an eyebrow pencil to add definition, a pomade to fill in sparse areas and build colour and a brow sculpting gel that sets your brows into place. It's available in three shades (light, medium and dark). It sold out within minutes after launch  (it's back in stock now) and we were keen to put it to the test.

How to use Refy

1. You start with the Brow Sculpt, £16. It's essentially a brow mascara which you brush through to fix your brows in place, brushing them up giving a laminated look. At the other end of the tube is a brush and comb to flatten them down to create the look Jess is loved for. The sculpt seriously sets them in place but they don't feel stiff, more secure than anything.

2. Next is the Brow Pomade, £14 which you use to fill in sparse areas. It's very pigmented to use sparingly unless you're after a very statement, Scouse brow.

3. Lastly, go in with the super-fine tipped Brow Pencil, £14 to add hair-like strokes where you want extra definition. There's a brush on the end of the pencil to bring the look together.

Our verdict

As a team we've all got different brow-goals. Digital writer Melanie tends to do nothing with her brows and found this ultra-simple to use and great for novices, while editorial director Victoria, who has no-maintenance microblade brows found it created too much of a 'stuck on' look for her with the pomade a little too heavy. She likes the pencil and would use it with the brow sculpt for fluffing up her brows.

Social media and design manager Jemma was impressed by the hold of the brow sculpt and found that going in gently with the pomade was key because a little goes a long way if you don't want overly-bushy brows. Much like Victoria, Jemma concluded she prefers the products separately than as a whole regime.

Commercial projects manager Catherine, the fairest of us all, was already a brow lamination convert so was keen to see how Refy compared to the salon treatment. Catherine concluded that the Refy set is ideal for people who want to achieve big, bushy brows, but would personally stick to just the brow sculpt step. Watch the video to see our full verdicts.

Lucky for us, you can buy all of the steps separately, priced at £14 each for the Brow Pomade and Brow Pencil and £16 for the Brow Sculpt.

Buy Refy Brow Collection, £40