When you think of crimping, what do you think of? I think of the 1980’s, complete with shimmering blue eyeshadow, contouring and bright pink lips. Well this season the crimp has returned but this time in a far more sophisticated guise than its previous look. What’s more, it’s set to be big news well into 2018.

GTG has teamed up with Sassoon and the Assistant Creative Director from their Covent Garden salon, Safaa El Nour to create a new ‘Cool Girl Crimp’ video tutorial. The look will become part of their Blow & Style menu so you can also get the look in their salons nationwide, but in the meantime here’s how to recreate this simple, stylish look at home.

Step 1

First apply a heat protective spray to towel-dried hair. Safaa used Sassoon Heat Shape, £17.50, before applying some smoothing hair serum such as Sassoon Diamond Polish, £21, throughout. Then using a paddle brush and a professional hairdryer pointed down the shaft of the hair, Safaa smoothed out the model’s hair bit by bit using GHD’s Air Hairdryer, £99  .

Step 2

Next, Safaa took flexi-hold hair spray Motion Hold, £14.50, by Sassoon and spritzed hair lightly all over. This locks the smoothness into the hair but also holds the crimp better. Next, taking some GHD Contour Professional Crimpers, £95  and a tail comb, she sectioned off a one inch section of hair (an inch back from the hair line), and crimped it from root to tip. Note: make sure you clap the crimpers shut for no more than 1-2 seconds on the hair. Using the same technique, she repeated this every other inch of the hair all around the head, not forgetting the underneath of the hair. This gives a subtlety and texture to the crimping that wouldn’t happen if the hair was crimped all over.

Step 3

Next Safaa took some GHD straightening irons,  from £109, and smoothed over the straighter sections to really contrast with the crimped parts.

Step 4

Then, taking a bristle brush (you can’t beat the hairdresser favourite Mason and Pearson), Safaa proceeded to brush hair lightly into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck before tying with the bungee. Then, to hide the bungee, she took a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrapped the piece of hair around it before securing with a Kirby grip and spraying to set with more Edit Hold, £14.50.

Step 5

Finally Safaa used her fingers to lightly backcomb the ponytail to add volume and texture.

Products are available from Sassoon salons nationwide

Created in partnership with Sassoon.


Hair - Safaa El Nour

Directed by Susannah Taylor

Filming by Pocket Motion Pictures

Photography - Colin Roy

Makeup – Neil Young at Premier Hair and Makeup

Model – Annabelle Ringwood