Whether you were born with naturally straight hair or would like to tap into this season's trend for super smooth, glossy locks, we have worked here with Sassoon to style straight hair in four very different ways. Here's how to recreate the look...

First, to prep the hair, dampen hair with a conditioning spray as Sassoon's Halo Hydrate Leave-in Conditioner . If your hair is particularly wild, use a blow dry spray instead. Using a flat brush, blow-dry hair away from the face. Section the top of the hair off and pin out of the way. Then, using a dense bristle brush, blow-dry hair bit by bit, keeping the nozzle on the hairdryer and pointing it down the shaft of the hair. Don't use straightening irons as this knocks the life out of the hair. Blast cold air through all the sections to lock in shine and set the hair smooth.

Next, spray a bristle brush with  Sassoon Edit Hold Reworkable Long Lasting Hairspray  and brush through the hair line to tend to any flyaways or frizz.

Look 1 - Simply Straight
Using a pintail comb to create a sharp line, centre part the hair. Leave hair as is.

Look 2 - The Low Pony
Using a hair bungee, tie hair in a low ponytail, just away from the nape of the neck. Finish with Sassoon Edit Hold Long-Lasting Finish Spray

Look 3 - The Half Up-Do
Take a section from above each ear and tether at the back with an invisible band. Add a decorative click and set with hairspray

Look 4 - The Side-Slick
Using the pintail comb again, part the hair, lining it up with the corner of your eyebrow. Spray a bristle brush with Sassoon's Edit Hold Reworkable Long lasting finishing spray and brush through. Add hair jewels to the side with the parting such as these beautiful constellation ones from Anthropologie. Bring the opposite side of hair forwards to frame your face.