Supermodel Gisele releases single for new H&M campaign

Just in case you needed another reason to love Gisele, the supermodel extraordinaire is releasing a single to provide her very own soundtrack to her new H&M campaign.

As the world's highest paid model (she topped Forbes' list for the seventh year in a row this year), Gisele Bündchen is working doubly hard in the new ads as the face of the brand's autumn range as well as the voice of the song behind it, a cover of All Day And All Of The Night by The Kinks. And you know what? It isn't bad at all.

OK, she's no Beyonce,  who for her summer campaign with the retailer created as good as an entire music video in the Bahamas, but her vocal talents are enough to make us want to be her just that little bit more. Even the accent sounds cute, rather than X Factor-reject-awkward. Is there anything about her that isn't gorgeous?

Even better, the single is available for download from  and iTunes from 12th September, and for each purchase H&M will be making a donation to UNICEF to raise money for the purchase of vaccines for children.

"I am so excited to be the face of H&M this autumn," Gisele has said of the campaign. "I love the street style look, and that we can raise funds for a good cause. I hope everyone downloads my song!"

We will, Gisele, we will.