IOMA are known for their high-tech skincare products; previously available only in Harrods, the brand can now be found in Boots nationwide. In this video, Susannah  has a bespoke skin consultation to determine her skin’s wants and needs. Plus, scroll down for your chance to win the same treatment courtesy of IOMA.

During the consultation, Susannah had to use the Sphere 2, a device that does a complete diagnosis of your skin and lets you know your skin’s areas of concern.

The consultation starts with a short questionnaire, followed by a photo using the machine. The device takes six pictures of your face using different filters and lights which reveals different aspects of your skin.

Next, the IOMA consultant uses a visual probe directly on your face to take magnified pictures to check your skin’s textures and to search for any fine lines. The device will then determine your unique IOMA beauty combination.

Susannah’s results revealed that her main areas of concern should be redness, bacterial activity, bags and eyelids and a tiny bit of discolouration. She was advised to use the IOMA Gentle Exfoliating Emulsion , £29, in addition to the IOMA Youth Booster , £149 and the IOMA Cell Protector , £39, which blocks UV rays.

After using the products day and night for 4 weeks, Susannah re-visited the IOMA counter to check how effective the products were on her skin. Her hydration had significantly increased, her fine lines had decreased and her skin density had improved dramatically - watch the video and read below for the vital statistics…

Susannah’s 4 week results:

Dark circles reduced by 33%

Hydration levels improved by 20%

Redness decreased by 21%

Desquamation (cell renewal) improved by 13%

Clogged pores decreased by 8%

Bacterial activity decreased by 7%

Fine lines decreased by 7%

UV damage reduced by 7%

Bags and eyelid sagging decreased by 7%

Credits:Director: Susannah TaylorProduction and filming by Pocket Motion Pictures Disclaimer: Created in partnership with IOMA.

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