How many times have you come home from a salon and wished you could blow-dry your hair like they do? Well we have teamed up with the super stylists at Sassoon and they have shown us how to create the perfect blow-dry that lasts.

Firstly Spritz hair using a conditioning spray such as Sassoon Professional Halo Hydrate, then using a decent sized ball of Sassoon Professional Body Hold Mousse, coat every strand. Then brush through using a paddle brush.

Next, using a long toothed brush, rough dry the hair, lifting at the roots before adding a nozzle to then control air flow. Using a smoothing brush, then section hair off, and pointing the nozzle down the hair shaft, blow-dry hair smooth bit by bit.

After completing a piece (and whilst still hot) then roll each section into a large pin curl before pinning with a section clip. Whilst each section sets, continue to blow-dry and pin curl the rest of the hair, always making sure the hair rolls under, not up.

Leave the hair to set for 10 minutes and set with Sassoon Professional Edit Hold Finishing Spray. After ten minutes, remove the section clips and spray again. Throw the head forward and massage at the roots and pull each curl through with fingers (do not brush). Sweep the front section back from the face and set with hairspray once more.

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Director: Susannah Taylor

Produced in partnership with Sassoon

Film by Lock Studios

Hair by Sassoon

Model: Amanda Urvall Nyren

Makeup by Neil Young at Premier Hair and Makeup

Dress from

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