All the tricks Trinny Woodall relies on to stay calm and balanced

It's no understatement to say that Trinny London's BFF skin-perfecting serums are a phenomenon, selling one every four seconds. That figure is sure to spike from today with the launch of the latest addition to the range,  BFF Rebalance , £39. Trinny's calling this tinted serum that works to balance out a multitude of skin concerns, "the biggest launch ever since we launched Trinny London". She took to Instagram to make the bold claim that it's "going to change many of your lives."

Hot on the heels of her BFF De-Stress serum , £39, which dropped last year to soothe stressed skin, BFF Rebalance is a skincare makeup hybrid for oily or congested skin or those who experience redness – and we already love it. We had a sneak preview when Trinny invited Editorial Director Victoria Woodhall to her Trinny London HQ to test the new serum and for the two of them to share thier favourite rebalancing essentials for mind and body.

Trinny told Victoria that the night before she'd had radiofrequency with facialist Teresa Tarmey and was still rather pink underneath (she shared the photo below to prove it). Sure enough, BFF Rebalance, which Trinny wore for our interview had completely taken down the redness.

Trinny's radiofrequency redness, and BFF Rebalance

Victoria with Trinny the day after her radiofrequency

It is formulated with actives such as blemish and pore minimising niacinamide, soothing avocado extract and shine-reducing chlorella vulgaris, it works also to balance the skin's microbiome, which plays a key role in keeping the skin barrier healthy. Trinny says she invented it because she wanted a product that would work just as well on her daughter's "teenagery" skin as well as her Instagram collaborator's Chloe's oilier skin, "or for me in the evening when I want a finish that isn't so glowy and to deal with my larger pores and congestion that I do get."

It has the highest level of coverage in the Trinny London range, apart from the Just a Touch foundation-concealer. The shine-reducing tinted serum gives medium, buildable coverage but crucially without dampening down glow. It comes in 14 shades.

Trinny's favourite balancing essentials

1. Drink plenty of water

We all know that not drinking enough water can wreak havoc on our skin and sleep and Trinny tells us "If I haven’t had enough water my whole body is out of sync and my concentration goes."

2.  Pukka Herbs Aloe Vera Juice, £15.91

Another hydrating hero that look after the gut keeps Trinny feeling balanced is this aloe vera juice. “I drink a glug of this every day," she tells us. "I keep it in the fridge and I love the taste but it has a very divisive smell.”

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3.  Victoria Health Limitless Plus, £32 for 60 capsules and Daily Energy, £20 for 60 capsules

Trinny wowed us with her post- Covid supplementation regime  in January, so we also trust her supplement recommendations. She takes these first thing in the morning to give her energy and help her sleep well at bedtime.

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4. Hairstory New Wash Original, £44

Trinny discovered Hair Story on Instagram and was intrigued to try this co-wash , a shampoo conditioner hybrid that she uses twice a week. "You only need a tiny bit so this pouch lasts a month and I don't even need to follow with conditioner," she says.

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5.  Affinity Organics La Vitaliser Summer Toner and Cooler, £38

From a small organic brand based in Brighton, this mist blends neroli, rose, lavender and chamomile to soothe the skin. "Neroli is an anti-depressant for me," Trinny says. "I spray it before yoga."

"I also love the Restore High Altitude Lavender and Blue Chamomile Organic Bath Concentrate , £55, from the brand. I almost never have a  bath but I would have one just to use this, it has juniper and it’s restorative with sea minerals and magnesium."

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6. Pukka Herbs Elderberry Syrup Organic, £14.99

"This nips a cough or cold in the bud," says Trinny. Indeed, elderberry  has been shown in multiple studies to dramatically improve recovery from flu.

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7.  The Drowsy Midnight Blue Silk Sleep Mask, £59.50

For blocking out noise and light, this silky nighttime mask is second to none, especially as Trinny says it doesn't leave her face creased in the morning as other sleep maks can.  "It keeps my hair in place and leaves no imprint on my face," Trinny says. It also covers the ears and worn with earplugs is great for muffling any snoring partners.

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8. A book for life by Jo Bowlby, £4.99

Jo Bowlby is the shaman who introduced Trinny to meditation without making it feel too ‘woo woo’ and now runs weekly group sessions online.  "It helps you get balance in your life," Trinny says.

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Victoria's balance buys

1. Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Cleanser, £25

Victoria suffers from hair loss and breakage and only recently discovered Tabitha James Kraan, an organic hairdresser for 21 years who recommended this. "It's not a traditional shampoo but a less drying hair cleanser, and keeps my hair hydrated and prevents it from snapping," she says. "Unlike Hairstory, it's not a co-wash and does foam a little but feels very creamy and nourishing. All TJK products have an aromatherapy element too – we know that stress really impacts your hair, and this is one thing that makes me feel positive about hair washing rather than obsessing about the number of hairs in the plughole," she says.

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2. Beauty Pie Uber Youth Super Elixir Pro-Biome Mist-On Serum, Members pay £19.69, typical price £60

Like Trinny, Victoria loves a mist. This one is unscented and so perfect for sensitive skin and is packed with age-defying microbiome balancing ingredients to keep the skin barrier intact. "I  spritz this on after cleansing, under oil and over foundation. It has so many uses! It definitely makes my foundation stay fresh glowy," she says.

Not a member of Beauty Pie? Sign up with Code GTGSENTME and Get £10 off an annual membership.

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3. Neal’s Yard Remedies Women’s Balance Body Cream, £25.50

On the theme of balance, Victoria loves this rich whipped body cream that's a new launch from Neal's Yard Remedies. The Women's Balance oil blend has been around for years, but only ever as an aromatherapy oil, but now it's in a cream form, Victoria uses it at night as part of her wind-down ritual. "With rose and frankincense, it feels feminine and grounding. it's very potent so I use it on my chest or my feet and the smell rocks me to sleep."

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4.  M Powder Meno-Boost, £69

Hormone balance plays a big part in Victoria's life right now and this supplement blend aimed at supporting women in menopause has a high-quality ashwagandha  (a stress-balancing adapotgen) as well as hormone balancing maca and many other nutrients including vitamin D that women need at this life stage. "I make a smoothie with this in the morning with few berries and almond milk and I feel like I'm set up for the day. It's also blood sugar balancing - not at all sweetened but still tasty."

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5. Bed of Nails  Eco Mat, £100

"After a few minutes of lying on this eco acupressure may, I start to feel incredibly grounded," says Victoria. "I use it at the end of a long day when my head is really full and it immediately calms me, redressing the balance between my mind and my body. You can't help but get out of your head when you're lying on this. It has more spikes on than other acupressure mats which means it's actually slightly less intense as the weight is distributed over more points."

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